Betara Betel Seedlings

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Betel betang is a pinang with a new advantage that the process of fertilization is very fast about 3-4 years of harvest. In Aceh now has very much to use his land to plant superior seeds betang betara. And very compatible with the climate of Aceh.
Below is a photo of betel nut seedlings that are ready to be delivered to the land, the seedlings are approximately three months of age.

Basically or turning on the history of Aceh Indatu heritage, still not many who take advantage of this pinang karana most of the land is still filled with old pinang that age about 5-7 years. With the arrival or with the discovery of this pinang hopefully Aceh became one of the largest exporter of pinang out. With the landscape of land and natural resources large enough in Aceh can be said it is appropriate to manage its own resources including areca nut.







Padit sineuk bibit jih

the price of one package is about $400

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