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We received a call from a farm school for help!

A situation exists where this little school is struggling to teach their children on old computers and they have approached @papilloncharity for help.

Just a short history about @papilloncharity here;
Founded in 2001 and officially registered in 2002, Papillon has created some major successes in the empowerment of poor communities and our efforts have become legendary across the country.
Due to a lack of resources, we cannot answer every need that streams in, but we prioritize needs and help those that we can. We have built up an amazing track record over the years against the odds of a lack of support and we simply continue with our work regardless of the sacrifices.
More information can be found on our website:

Join us on this trip!


We left our place before sunrise this morning!


Beautiful to see the sunrays behind the mountains!


We were nearing the destination!


This is the small farm school!


And this is their sparse computer classroom!


Only two computers are working!


Here is the other working computer!


A 1948 property across from the school!

Here we are on our way back home!

So what would you do?
Well we met with the principal, a very humble man, and he told us about their struggles to deliver quality IT lessons to the pupils. The computers work on old Windows XP systems and of course it is difficult to load new lessons.

They had heard about the donation by @papilloncharity of 20 computers to another farm school and they humbly asked if we could also help them with only 6 late model computers. He emphasized the need for quality training.

Well how could we refuse to help them?
I promised him that we will make a plan to help and we surely will do so. How, I don't know yet, but I have a few plans to work on. Watch this space for the result of our efforts!

Thank you for visiting @papilloncharity

Please forgive any mistakes, as this is our first post in @esteem
@papilloncharity joined @steemit in June 2017


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What we really need here is a crowdfunding effort! I love the way everyone knows where to go for the extra touch of care.

For as long as I have known you, you have been helping and loving on people no matter where you go, no matter what you do. How fortunate for this world to have a Sir Stephen in their life!

Many blessings to you, my friend! Love to you always!

!tip 3.00

Been walking a long road together Lady Denise and in my eyes you were always the star of the show.
Not that you don't deserve it, as you have always pat a 100% in your efforts.
And on top of that you are an eloquent and caring soul.
Thank you for your kind support and may many more blessings reign in your life!

Oh, you are far too kind! Seriously.

You are truly the king of giving, not only of things but, of yourself. I admire you and Lady Marion for all you do and all you propose. I wish my support was as big as your needs, or your needs to fulfill others.

You are in my thoughts and definitely in my prayers. You and @PapillionCharity.

This is a very worthwhile project.

To get the ball rolling I have sent over 67 STEEM and 115 SBD from the @adollaraday project account.

This has been gathered from recent donations from @pennsif, @delishtreats, @drakos, @homesteaderscoop, @marblely, @quochuy and @shanibeer.

Hopefully that will encourage others to contribute.

Do you know yet the approximate total you will need for the computers?

@pennsif, @adollaraday and the team; @delishtreats, @drakos, @homesteaderscoop, @marblely, @quochuy and @shanibeer.
Ya'all continue to amaze us with your giving hearts over all this time!
A great and sincere thank you for the kind help here!
You are all champions!

Would love to hear how you get on :)

Thank you @shanibeer and I will certainly report on progress!
We always do and I am not aware if you saw the Maxonia poor farm school report.
It is on our page somewhere!


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Thank you sincerely for the kind help!

Welcome to @esteem, Stephen! It is an exciting time to be joining in. They have just launched their token, and you are receiving some each time you post, comment and vote. I am looking forward to their announcement about how we will be able to use the Tokens!

The farm school called the right person for help! You have helped so many over the years. Here is a bit extra from me... !Tip 3.0

Thank you so much dear Lady @melinda919100
This is the kindness in your heart that is reflected here.
After the operation I was told that the recovery period might take up to 3 years and the doctor said that I will be forced to take it easy. Almost like they wanted to put this old war horse out to pasture.
But they miscalculated as this old mule still has plenty of fight in him hahaha.

The question, as always remains! If we don't help the genuine needy, who will?
And so we have trimmed things down, sold out up north and move down here, but poverty is everywhere and we can't just stand idly by. Not after spending 17 years at Papillon helping poor people and families.
So we have scaled down a little bit and now Marian is happy that she doesn't have to prepare reams of financial papers for the auditors anymore. In fact she only has to prepare one little paper of income and expenses.

In the meantime we have recently done 20 computers to the Maxonia farm school and delivered more than 9000 Adult Diapers to poor old age homes and community members in 3 towns. All for free as usual.
So what's 6 more computers for this small school now? I am sure that we will find a way.
Before I leave this planet, I have two more huge, long term empowerment projects up my sleeve that's going to help thousands. But all in its own good time.
Thank you for the help.

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Sincerely appreciated and thank you!

Hey, @papilloncharity!

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Country is creaking and groaning under the load of uneducated, what you do for the youth is amazing.

There are some large distributors in the Cape, Capetonian's are known for their generosity, perhaps approaching some may be able to assist in this venture.

Thank you Lady Joan, we have to look at the children's futures.
I have already thrown a few stones in the bush here and we will see what appears.

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Greetings and thank you for the welcome!
This is the first time that I am trying something new in a genuine effort to increase our upvotes. I will still have to learn a few things, such as how to place post footers, as I cannot copy and paste our existing ones. But father time will fix all.

I know this is most likely an automated reply, but it would be great if the Esteem App team could maybe assist with this project that is mentioned in this post

So good to see the hearts of our trusted friends here JJ.
Blessings to you for the kind support my friend!

You do such good in your area I wish I could help more

You are a blessing my friend!

NO Not at all Just plain old me :)

Only saw now in the wallet what you did! Nothing plain about you my friend!
A blessing indeed and I am Singing in the Light for having old time friends like you!
Blessings to you guys!

And you to my friend :)

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Feeling sorry for the students. I hope you will find a way to help them. Good luck for your work.

Thank you my friend and our history at Papillon shows that we always find a way.
I am sure that we will solve the problem.

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Thank you kindly!

I applaud your innitiative. Noble gesture, I am sure you’ll be successful. 😊

Thank you Lady @starjewel and we will do what we can.
As always I have a good feeling that we will beat this.

You should totally do Chromebooks. You get way more bang for your buck and they are fast. That is awesome that you are helping out and wow those views. I have a little over 1500 Chrome devices in the tech department that I manage. I wouldn't trade them for a desktop any day!

Are you talking about the Slimline notebooks Sir @bozz?
Sadly the reason why we use hefty desktops is that they are more difficult to steal.
Any small, or mobile item can disappear in a flash over here.
We burglar proof the computer centers and install alarm systems that are connected to 24 hour armed security response units. There are many crime syndicates operating over here.
Just a part of life and prevention is better than cure.

I was, but you should check out Chromeboxes then. They are actual desktops and they night be harder to steal. You also might want to look at Neverware. It is software that can turn your old pcs jnto Chrome devices giving them new life.

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Thank you Sir and I will investigate!

Oooof... working with some really old machines there! Best of luck with the planning for the new hardware and training....

Thank you my friend and for the kind wishes.

Great work @papilloncharity

You definitely have my support. Keep up the good work.


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Thank you my friend.
Your kind support is appreciated!

And deserved!!

You're welcome. 😁

Great initiative, my friend. I hope you will find a way. Tell me if I can help in some way.

Thank you for your kind offer Sir Norbert.
I will bear this in mind!

There is so much to be done with so few resources. A 100% upvote and resteem from me as a very small contribution.

I am sure with your track record and tenacity you will acheive uour goal


You are very kind Lady Fiona!
Thank you for the help.
Blessings to you and yours!

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Oh you are truly a saint @papilloncharity! Wonderful what you are doing for those living around you. Children are the future, and if we don't care for them who will? Will look forward to the next chapter in your story, truly beautiful :) Blessings my friend!

Thank you dear friend, but I am sure that all of the saints are in heaven.
In am just an ordinary guy that's trying to make a difference.
And with friends like you and all of the other supporters here, it makes life a bit easier.
Blessings also to you and yours!

Thank you Lady Rose for your kind wishes!
We are certainly going to need all of the luck that we can get, but I am determined to help them.
Not for my sake, or Papillon's sake, but for the children's sake as usual.
If they get a good education, then one day they will be able to feed their own families.

You deserve it!! Blessing to all of you!!

Thats a good project to take on and I will send a little help separately, not as Much as I wish I could but every little bit helps


May it be returned unto you sevenfold my friend.
Blessings to you guys!

Cheers and thank you for all you do 👍

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Oh this is right up my alley being in the computer consulting business

Definitely make sure you get away from Windows XP which has been end of life for a long while making them unstable, and vulnerable. Windows 7 is end of life this year as well so windows 10 would give you the longest life.

A great solution would be to hook up with a Lenovo authorizes small dealer and make a deal to have them get some Lenovo tiny refurbished computers. As the name indicates, that are very small which will be perfect for little labs, have a warranty and have been solid and cheap for us.

Awesome initiative and wonderful shots!

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Thank you Sir Zeke and we have already done another farm school, Maxonia Primary with 29 Windows 10 computers over here. This new request will hopefully also be done in Windows 10 if I have my way.
We were partnered with Dell as an authorized refurbisher up north for many years, but now that we have moved south, that has all fallen away.
I have already approached a refurbisher company here and are now waiting for an answer.
I will also have a sniff around the Lenovo enterprise. Great advice indeed!
Let's hold thumbs that they will concede to my request.

I came over here after @jaynie shouted out on the #PowerHouseCreatives discord, and I'm so glad she did! Wonderful post on so many levels, @papilloncharity! The photographs of the sunrise are gorgeous, and the ones of the school really help illustrate their need.

Your amazing efforts on behalf of other people never fail to restore my faith in the goodness of some people. 😊

Since my upvote didn't add much value to your payout, I'm also adding a tip to the cause. I've also tweeted (link HERE) in the hopes of getting more eyes on your post. Brightest of blessings to you, dear sir!

!Tip 1.0

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This is what happens when you forget to check your balance before writing a "check" - it bounces! 😮 😂

I'll be back after I make a quick run to my Tipu "bank" to make a deposit to cover my tip...LOL!

Thank you for the kind visit Lady Traci and glad that you liked the photos.
I tried to spare the dignity of the school by not turning this into a pleading post with some real heartsore photos, but believe me that we are going to help them. Come what may!
I think the post says it all.
Thank you also for the kind words and the support here!
You are a special person.

Trying this again, now that I made my deposit to TipU! 😊

!Tip 1.0

Hahaha, I never figured you to write a rubber check Lady Traci.
Blessings and once again thank you!

What a beautiful trip you took @papilloncharity, and doing God's work to boot. 🙏

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Thank you my friend and the scenery in this part of the world is certainly beautiful.
The bonus is to do what we do.
All by Grace!

You do such wonderful works @papilloncharity You are an inspiration ♥

Thank you for the kind words Lady Liza!
All blessings to you!

Incredibly touching and inspiring story.
We need more kind hearts like yours in our world.💜

I love that you are named Papillon because you truly do give others wings to help them fly their way through life. 💛

Thank you and glad that you appreciated the story my friend.
There are indeed many kind hearts in the world but the more, the merrier.
I chose Papillon because it resembles transformation and we try to transform poor lives by empowering them with the skills to change.
Thank you for the nice description.

I love it because papillon means butterfly in french💛

Absolutely. I read the book Papillon years ago and it was a an innocent man's struggle for freedom. He won at the end.
The poor people that we help also struggle for freedom and so Papillon was the right name for our work.


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Thank you for leaving your footprints here my friend!

For some odd reason a lot of computers in Korea still run XP or at best Win7. It's a very odd habit in some places. Actually XP was one of my favorite operating systems. In anycase, I hope these kids get some new computers. I would donate my old heap of junk, but I'm afraid of what those clever kids would dig up on the hard drive.

Hahaha, we can't afford to have the kids find all of your skeletons on the hard drive my friend.
It might go viral on twitter.
Windows 10 will serve the kids better in the long run, as XP and W7 is no longer supported.

A worthwhile effort indeed. Thanks for sharing. I hope you'll find many more opportunities to provide this kind of assistance.

Thank you Sir!
Had a meeting with a church pastor this morning and life is strange.
I had 6 old age homes to help up north.
This morning I was given 5 old age homes down here with a 6th one in the starting blocks.
So strange indeed as 6 is my favorite number because I was born on the 6th.
Now I am not superstitious, but is this strange or what?

Totally absolutely a big heart and a super generous one to this to help other people. Upvoted. Resteem. And tweeted. =)

You are wonderful and thank you for the kind words my friend.
Thank you also for your heart in helping to get the post out there!

Howdy sir papilloncharity! where there's a will, God will provide a way! Great post with great photos too, God bless that little school! Wish I had lots of money, I'd take care of that need today!

Howdy Sir @janton, so right, if the challenge is worthy and accepted with unconditional expectations for own glory, then the way to resolution is revealed.
We will do this, at no charge, to His Glory.
The poor Maxonia school did not pay a cent for the 20 Windows 10 computers that we gave them.
God gave us the computers and He will also give us the computers for this school.
You have a good heart my friend!

thank you sir papilloncharity, you guys are doing such great work there! Through God's power, mercy, grace, guidance and wisdom of course! lol.

Thank you also Sir @janton, the only way to work in this life.
Without God we are nothing, just an idle breath!

Precisely. Well said sir papilloncharity!

It's wonderful to see the spark of human kindness is still burning brightly. I like Denise's idea of setting up a crowdfunding project ~ If what you already have in mind doesn't happen that is. But I'm sure when we ask the 'Universe' for support, for people who need it ~ The help will come. Love the saying 'God works in mysterious ways' and we can but ask. !tip ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

As usual over the years we have always kept running on a shoestring and a prayer my friend.
But every miracle of the many that was created in our work took place because of people like you and all of the others on here. Somehow you were all led to this post and you all put your hearts in a written form in the comments here.
Thank you for the kind words and your support!

You do amazing work
Bless your heart <33

Thank you for the kind words my friend!

You've been visited by @thistle-rock from Homesteaders Co-op.

Thank you @pennsif for helping out on this wonderful project, we are resteeming to spread the word.

Wishing you every success @papilloncharity

Homesteaders Co-op

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@thistle-rock and @homesteaderscoop Wow! A great thank you for this and all blessings to you guys and girls.
Thank you so much for the help.
Blessings to all.

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