#Happy FungiFriday --> After a long wait, finally appeared

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Hello Fungilovers

In recent weeks, in our area there has been a drought, and the rain has not fallen, so the plant atmosphere looks arid. the Ground is dry, the worm drop on the ground dries up.

But we were lucky, black clouds began to envelop the sky, until heavy rain fell and made the soil wet and flooded with water in several low places in my yard.

On this day, Friday, the puddles start to dry out, the dampness of the soil raises something alive that I've been waiting for. Yeah .. it is Fungus.

This mushroom looks very fertile, but only one appears. Maybe it's friends will appear tomorrow.

Just It's can I show in #fungifriday this week, see you in #fungifriday last week.

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Ohhhh what a beautiful little baby! Looks almost like those those flying Dandelion seeds :)

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Fantastic fungi!

Fantastic pics! Good job.