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This life is a complete necessity in all activities carried out every day until so on, so it does not rule out various things we will find in our daily routine. it is luck and loss.

Luck certainly does not cause big problems in life, but what becomes a big problem in life is when loss or unfortunate life whack.

Many people try to run away from the reality of life when they feel unlucky, because they feel unable to accept the logical reality, only a small part is resigned to living in suffering.

People who feel troubled and lost convict themselves of failing in their lives so they try to run away from reality in various ways, starting from; suicide, depression, loss of control in doing something, looking for obscene shortcuts and so on.

Such escape methods certainly do not bring about problem solving or will not give a change from their disadvantages, because the reality of life remains unchanged. Like a compactor who is only lulled by hallucinations that make him drunk.

If we experience something like that then, the most effective way is to return to ourselves, explore the awareness that has been neglected. Because with consciousness that is controlled by common sense, it certainly provides a way or way to get out of life problems or unfavorable life failures.


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