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The senior said to the shahjadah to the extent you came, you came right. Presently you need to go to one side. Going ahead, a backwoods will fall in front. The wild creatures in the backwoods are wild creatures. They'll see you. Yell. You need to attach your teeth to approach. You won't take a gander at them by any means. You are headed. One thing might be seen, that is, you won't think back in any capacity. In the wake of passing the woods, a ton of ways will fall when a house. An elderly creature will sit in the place of a house in the house. He will ask, Where is the narangi backwoods? He will improve you wonderfully.

The Prince wound up upbeat. Gotten some distance from the old man once more. Leaving the backwoods, all the furious creatures left the tooth, and they approached. As the elderly said to the old man, he went on his way without being aggravated. Quickly subsequently, the timberland fell on the way. In the woodland, the fierce monster exploded. The shahjada passed all with no wavering. In the wake of passing the woods, the roaring of the creature ceased. He was cheerful to feel that the horrendous peril was cut off. Presently you can push ahead securely. Going ahead, I saw that old house called the old man. The old beast sitting in the entryway of the room. I went ahead and welcomed

The evil presence stated: This kid! No man has resulted in these present circumstances mammoth yet. How are you Eli? Since you have possessed the capacity to get by from the hands of the mythical being, it implies that your destiny is great. Where would you like to experience every one of these threats?

Shahjada stated: I will go to the woods. The goliath stated: Since inasmuch as you have come. So on the off chance that you hear me out legitimately and bear in mind that, at that point you should connect with the woodland. Along these lines will proceed On achieving the slope, we see a dark steed. The pony's pivot is tied with a tree. Go down from the back of your own steed and open the pivot of the dark pony and tie your steed to the pivot tree.

We were tuning in to the course of the goliath. Telling Shahjada, loosen the dark ponies and keep them attached to the pivot tree of your steed. At that point ride on that dark pony. The dark steed will go during a time's way similar to lightning and convey it to the forested areas. Be that as it may, before achieving the woods, an extensive creature will be chased in the desert by taking it along. In the wake of achieving the timberland, you will see a shellfish wind on the primary entryway. As though he is the defender If you see them, they will toss the chased creature before the sea. At the point when the clam begins to eat you will go into the backwoods.

Going inside, you can see the orange and malta tree lines. One make a beeline for another At the start of each tree there is a creature sitting. Rapidly get up in the tree and the quantity of trees that you can get back rapidly. The woods that was headed did not startle in the backwoods, and did not fear it here. Try not to take a gander at the spine or the jolt. Leave the dark pony and sit on the back. The steed will take you snappier than it originated from. Put the dark steed in its place rapidly. The goliaths won't have the capacity to contact you with the pony fixing to the tree.

With the end goal of ranger service, the takeoff of the Shahjada priest, and the course of his direction, is to take off. Going up the slope, riding the steed riding and sitting out and about where no one knows. The pony was running quick and he couldn't open his eyes. At the point when the pony achieved one place, the shahajada tilted the handle and ceased the speed and saw the front of the Nangi Forest divider. He went down and chased a mountain goat and got into the backwoods by eating the shellfish. Wonderful orange or Malta tree has numerous orange natural products in huge numbers. There is a creature lying on the stomach of the trees. The shahajada rapidly experienced childhood with a tree and pressed the orange towel, 'the organic product shredded, and the natural product torn separated'. The monsters got up Before breaking of the stereo, he escaped the woodland in the wake of breaking some more organic product.

At the point when the sound went out from the back, in his ears: return to Naail ..... Shahzad recalled the old devout guidance. He didn't look totally behind. At the time, the dark pony achieved the stomach of the tree where he was tied. The pony descended from the steed and tied it with a dark steed. He removed his steed and rode on his back and gradually achieved the front of the old mammoth's home. Coincidentally, the frightful woods was headed back. Once more, the thunder of all the wild creatures is heard. Be that as it may, the shahajada did not hear it out like previously, but rather did not think back.

A rainstorm fell while in transit to cross the backwoods. The precious stone tops off the water. Green fairs on the two banks The Prince remained there to take rest Drying in the water in the pocket, gives out the great orange. Other than an orange pea, a lovely young lady turned out like a sun-beam and stated: bread ...! The Prince brought bread from his Khorjin. Narni's little girl passed on the substance of this bread and kicked the bucket. The core of the poor fell. Another orange peel expelled. Presently an excellent young lady turned out and stated: water ...! Shahjada brought water and kicked the bucket in the wake of eating the water. Thusly, all the orange decorations turned out and the wonderful young ladies turned out and kicked the bucket.

Either left the orange. She would not like to suck the orange once more. It returned in the pocket to the city. When he touched base close to the city, he met with the old lady who instructed him to endure the agony of Nargiji. Buri said to Shahjada: What is the news! Did you go to the woodland? The Prince said every one of the words open to the old woman and said that there is an orange left. The old lady stated: 'In the event that you need to live if that young lady is alive, at that point complete a certain something.' Shahjada haantant