The Sanctuary: Chapter 42

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Chapter 40

Dylan walks towards his first opponent, a huge guy with a smug face. From the guys confident look, it is like he is certain that he would win.

"Where is he getting his confidence from?" Dylan wonders.

While Dylan is walking towards his opponent, Dianne is watching from a special room only available for the participants companion--a vip room, if you will.

She gazes at Dylan and then to Dylan's opponent. She's somewhat familiar with the guy. If she remember it right, Dylan's opponent is named Gallen. A somewhat known brawler--an A-rank.

Dianne frown. The people behind that guy should be aware of Dylan's ability and knows that physical attacks are ineffective against him. So why are they sending a brawler against Dylan? Are they testing the waters perhaps?

Since Dianne could not figure out the other side's plan, She could only watch quietly and hope that nothing unexpected will happen.

Dylan is also aware of his first opponent's identity but decided to just play along. He knows that he is being observe--most likely there are people studying him looking for a weakness to exploit. Basically, his first opponent is just a sacrificial sheep. And looking at Gallen's smug look, Dylan could not help but feel pity for him. It seems that the guy's not a very intelligent fellow.

Not aware of what he is thinking, Gallen attacks Dylan
like a raging bear. While Gallen's attack fiercely, Dylan simply stood at his position, unmoving. Thinking that Dylan is terrified, Gallen punches with all his might. He expected his punch to connect and mop the floor using Dylan's face. But expectations are different from reality. His all-out attack simply passed through Dylan's body like his hitting air.

With a questioning look Gallen stared at his hands in confusion. Dylan on the other hand used his right foot as a pivot to rotate then attack gallen with a roundhouse kick.

Though still confuse, Gallen used his arms to block Dylan's kick but just like magic, Dylan's foot simply passed through the defense and hit Gallen squarely in the face.


With a grunt Gallen spins a few times before crashing to the stage. Of course, a single attack isn't enough to knock Gallen out. As a brawler, Gallen is use to being hit as such a single attack won't be able to finish him off.

Nonetheless, Dylan's counter attack silenced the previously rowdy arena. The audience could not help but be amazed of Dylan's ability. As if a ghost, no attack can hit him. Even the person who orchestrated the entire debacle isn't looking too pleased.

The audience uninformed of Dylan's ability look specially stunned. Never before have they seen an ability that makes the user invulnerable to physical attacks.

"Hey, you! What did you do? Why didn't my attack hit you?" Gallen pointed as he questions Dylan.

Feeling pity for his opponent, Dylan decided to be magnanimous and tell Gallen the name of his skill.

"It's my second awakened skill, called "Shadow Doppelganger". It's a skill that allows me to ignore all physical attacks." Dylan answered.

"What the hell is with that skill?! How am I supposed to beat you if couldn't hit you at all? That's cheating! I demand that you do not use that skill and let me hit you!" Gallen demanded.

Dylan, Dianne and everyone watching let out cold sweats after hearing Gallen's stupid demand. "What sort of idiot would let anyone hit them?!" They jeered in their minds.

"Here I go! Take this! And this! And this!"

Not caring about anyone's thought, Gallen rained punches on Dylan. But just like before none of his attacks are working. And Dylan is not the type to just accept attacks without retaliating even if its not working. So after ignoring another attack, Dylan let out an uppercut and hit Gallen squarely on the jaw--sending him flying backward.

Gallen, after taking an uppercut ot the jaw is seeing stars. Of course, such an attack is not enough to knock him out. And just like earlier, slowly stand while groaning in pain.

"Damn it! Didn't I say to let me hit you? Why are you using that skill, you cheater!" Gallen yelled angrily at Dylan.


Everyone could not help but marvel at Gallen. Never before have they seen someone this stupid. In a way, everyone treated Gallen as special.

"As expected of a brawler--having muscles for brain," someone insulted.

"Oi! Not all brawlers are that stupid, you know? That guy's stupidity is a special case!" Another one argued.

Seeing that Gallen is about to attack again. Dylan told him to wait.

"Hey, why aren't you using your skill?" Dylan asked.

"Uh? Huh? Oh, right! I almost forgot I have skills too!" Gallen who finally realized hit his palm.

Once again, everyone is dumbfounded and some couldn't help but cover their faces in frustration. Even Dyln could not help but smile wryly as he found his opponent somewhat endearing. This guy is probably approached by someone who has a grudge against Dylan and told him that he'll get credits for fighting him. And with the guy's intelligence, he probably agreed without much hesitation. Though Gallen is a smug guy, he's also someone without much malice as such Dylan doesn't hate him.

After listening to Dylan's advice, Gallen decided to use his strongest skill "Flaming Fist"!

to be continued


Chapter 41 / [Chapter 43]


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