The fact about noni

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imageNoni (morinda citrifolia) or keumeudee (Aceh); pace, kemudu, flower (Java); cangkudu (Sunda); kodhuk (Madura); tibah (Bali) derived area Southeast Asia, classified in the family rubiaceae. another name for this plant is Noni (Hawaii), Nono (Tahiti), nonu (Tonga), ungcoikan (Myanmar) and ACH (Hindi). these plants grow in low-lying up at the height of 1500 ad. tall trees Noni achieve 3-8 am, have interest hump White. fruit is fruit compound, young Green shiny and have spotted-spotted, and when old White with black spots. traditionally, Acehnese using Noni a vegetable salad. leaves are also used as one of the material nicah peugaga often appear as menu required to open the fasting. therefore, Noni often planted in close to home in the countryside in Aceh. in addition Noni also often used as a material drugs.


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