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RE: eSteem Mobile v2 - Android release

in #esteem2 years ago (edited)

Awesome @good-karma! Though it's unreleased version, but it has been working over the top.

I want to share some feedback:

I'm loving the search function. It shows information that I wanted.

I do agree with @onze. The save draft isn't working. Once exited the application, it won't show the last saved draft.

I couldn't get my unclaimed SP reward. The button seems to not function as well.

The Exit button won't function as well. It won't let me exit the application.

I sometime get this Blank Profile(attached photo) with Undefined status.

The Read All Notification is fantastic.

So far, that is my feedback. I can't wait for the full release.



Thank you very much for feedback, yes we have some of those on github issues and we will be working on them.