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Marhaban ya ramadhan.
shalat-congregation-in-mosque. The government through the Ministry of religion establishes the beginning of fasting or 1 Ramdan 1439 Hijriah falls on Thursday, May 17, 2018.

This means that the night before the fasting of Ramadan begins with Shariat Tawarih, ie salat prayer muakat or strengthened.

This prayer is called reinforced because almost every night Rasulullah mentioned always never forget to do evening praying sunnah today.

he virtue (fadhilah) Tarawih Prayers from the first night until the night to -30 contains varied goodness.


Here are some of the virtues of the First Night Tarawih Prayer:

  1. Forgiven his sin

The tarawih prayer performed on the first night and the other night will take away the sins of a person both today and his past sins.

Who has not erased his sins in the past. Even a hadith mentions that whoever performs the tarawih prayer on the first night of Ramadan, is likened to being reborn by his mother or in other words clean of sin and error.

As mentioned in the following hadith
Indeed, Ramadan is the month in which Allah requires his fast, and in fact I give his qiyam to the Muslims. So whoever fasts Ramadan and qiyam Ramadan because of faith and seek rewards, then he (definitely) out of his sins as on the day he was born by his mother. (HR: Ahmad, Ibn Majah, Al Bazzar, Abu Ya'la and Abu Hurairah.)

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