Places of Interest in Takengon Central Aceh

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Places of Interest in Takengon Central Aceh, Beautiful and Cool Blend of april 21, 2018 - Wisata Nusantara - Tagged: aceh net photographer, freshwater lake, tourist attractions in takengon, central aceh tourism.
Places of Interest in Takengon - Gayo especially Takengon is a beautiful country. One of the tourist destinations in Aceh will not be bored we go. Lots of beautiful photo spots around Takengon. Nature tourism, culture, plantation, culinary, sports bike and dive in the

lake, we can do in Takengon, Central Aceh.

Lots of pictures and photos of attractions in Takengon that I see lately. Make homesick Gayo Land, the fog is already beautiful views. Many beautiful locations around the town of Takengon and Lake Lut Tawar. Maybe now have many attractions that I do not know. Forgive if missed.


This article should have existed from 10an last year, when I was still working and living in Aceh. If you write the story of the trip at that time yes many have forgotten. This time I just tell it in general. Hopefully not yet stale to read.

Bus to Takengon
I did not use public transportation during my tour to Takengon. But in Takengon city, I see a lot of good buses. There are Banda Aceh Takengon buses, and Medan Takengon buses. As I recall the bus company is Pelangi and Kurnia.

In addition there are many travel car that serves the route Banda Aceh Takengon and also from M
crazy. From Banda Aceh and Medan scheduled departure at night. So get to Takengon in the morning.

Places of Interest in Takengon
Now we just discuss the location, objects, attractions in Takengon and surrounding areas, in Gayo Land, Central Aceh.

Takengon City
Just like other cities in Indonesia, Takengon also has business areas, offices, shops, hotels, markets, and so on. The difference Takengon is a city surrounded by hills. The air is cool and in
the morning we can see the mist covering the city. The scenery we see in the city alone makes us happy.

In Takengon we can culinary tour. There is a famous culinary here, namely fish depik. Endemic fish that exist only in Lake Lut Tawar. It tastes delicious and delicious.

In Takengon, we can also watch the Gayo Horse Race. Held every anniversary of RI and the anniversary of Takengon City.

tourist attractions in takengon - central aceh - yopie pangkey - 6
Drying depik fish. This depik fish tastes really tasty.

tourist attractions in takengon - central aceh - yopie pangkey - 12
ettlement in the river piggir.

Eggplant Pantan
Pantan Terong is one of Gayo's mainstay attractions. Got another name Bur Salah Niama, also known as the Gayo High Al-Kahfi Peak. Often visited by young people. One spot of beautiful photos, can see the city of Takengon and Lake Lut Tawar from a height.
Towards Ecotourism Area Eggplant Eggs, we can find many photo spots. Natural scenery, plantation area. The climbing and winding paths are also uniquely photographed from several points.

One of the mainstay attractions in Gayo, Bur Salah Niama (Pantan Terong) is also known as Al-Kahfi Peak of the Highlands.

Pantan Terong - a tourist spot in Takengon, Aceh Tengah
Eggplant Pantan.

eggplant pomizer - a tourist spot in takengon - aceh tengah - yopie pangkey - 8
Takengon City seen from Pantan Terong.

Lake Lut Tawar
Lake Laut Tawar and the town of Takengon are at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level. Making this area cool.
Local people mention with Lake Lut Tawar. Ngoborl-chat with local photographer Takengon friends about the name. They say the name is because the lake is as wide as the sea, but the taste of the water is tasteless. Hence, it is called Laut Laut Tawar / Danau Lut Tawar.

Asiknya streets in this lake, there is a paved road that surrounds. Lots of beautiful photo spots around the lake. Half a day drive around, we can stop in many places. 3 times to Lake Lut Tawar, I always get beautiful spot photo. Because there are so many beautiful photo spots here.

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