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Goodnight friend esteem it all. Hope we are always in good health this month full of blessings.Rice box breaking the fast


The month of fasting or ramadan is one of the most special month for a year. This is what makes it one of the month that is expected and also become some momentum togetherness, one of which is to break the fast together.

Surely, for a month would be great if eating together with family, but have you ever confused in choosing the menu if you want to enjoy fasting? So looking for other cooking alternatives is one you can do. Below there is one menu of dishes that you can choose that is using Rice Box aceh that can be ordered in large quantities and of course it feels not less far with home cooking, if you want to hold open together.


Why rice box? Is there something special in it? Actually, the special of the menu provided is that this box of rice does have a lot of choices with home-style cuisine that would be more comfortable when doing open together is not it? Open together alone is one of the moments where you can do a meal together with the closest person who is scheduled. This rice box is one that can help you by providing a large portion.

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