Watermelon Fruit Very Powerful For Fertility Men and Women

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One of the most common fruit consumed by the people in Indonesia is the Watermelon.


Fruits that are sold in the traditional market even in the fifth foot is a lot of devotees.

Every day the buyers are always crowded, especially in the watermelon season.
Fruit that is always there and often used as a dessert during celebration parties such as weddings and other celebrations.

In terms of benefits turned out to be watermelon fruit

very big influence for the human body.
In fruit that has a lot of water content there are vitamin A, Vitamin C, phyto nutrient citruline, beta carotene, lycopen and various other substances that are needed by the body.

Because of the many nutrients contained in watermelon, not least they use watermelon as a traditional medicine.

Those who consume watermelon may be many who do not know the benefits of watermelon fruit for the body, especially fertility problems.

It turns out that watermelon fruit is very good to increase fertility in both men and women.

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