Wrapped rice

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For the ummah, Ramadahn is a special month whose presence is always waiting. despite having to fast all day, a delicious fasting menu seems to be able to keep you thirsty and hungry. In aceh, we have some culinary menus, which are interesting only occasionally appear in Ramadan only. Can be imagined, how special these culinary-culinary. Some of them you can find below.


Wrapped rice

Culinary menu of this one may still quite often found outside the month of Ramadan, but it is incomplete if passing Ramadan without breaking even with rice wrap. The collector is made from basic ingredients of banana or sweet potatoes boiled with coconut milk and palm sugar. Although not identical to a particular area, it is said that the most famous kolak comes from Indonesia. In addition to bananas or sweet potatoes that are the basic ingredients of the majority, some Indonesian people also like to mix the yellow pumpkins and pumpkins into their compote. Can be served cold or warm, Kolak is a menu that pasa to break the fast.

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