Long jawed spider | The killer behind the leaf

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Tetragnatha montana, commonly known as the silver stretch spider, is a long manned weavers species of the Tetragnathidae family that has a Palearctic distribution. Tetragnatha montana It prey on flies and mosquitoes. The silver stretch spider's name refers to the shiny metallic color and its habit of extending its legs into a stick-like shape.
These spiders are often silent under the leaves, although this spider looks very tame but he also as a hunter for other small animals. I see this spider quickly catch the flying little animal, the animal that was targeted by the food of this spider was medfly. After getting the prey, this spider tried to get away from my view maybe he wished that I did not seize his food ration.
Using the jaws of these spiders clamped the medfly apart, I also saw medfly move to try to extricate itself from the spider, but the spider had the power on the jaws in its jaws so that the medfly could not be separated from this spider.





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Pictures taken using smartphone camera, Xiaomi Redmi 4X by adding a macro lens.


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