m may . ya pႆ naray harng , ayrar garay

in #esteem3 years ago

ၶ huu sarrsamee marr

aahku rak aytya a tyang ayngya t aarr rႊ ng may . s tang aykarng , e ny sany aykarng aytya ayrark lar may . hcarhk ဳp kihc ၥ , hcar rang jayarr kihc ၥ , pyaell lam s bhang kihc ၥay tya ayaarng ya mang may . pahc ၥny aay rarng a way kihc ၥ htahc ayngar ayn rang a sang ay ya p syarr may . aay sark a u , ayn rar htong hkang kihc ၥ , a sang may yap ya hpahc tat tay . aahk hc ayr , aim ayhtarng ayr kihc ၥay tya mwaraytar ၾ kanyႏ uu hk m ay ya m hc raray tyaya hpahc lar may . htuuhtuu ya hkarr yahkarr dhart panuay tya , po hc taray tya , pan hk e karr aytya wang lar tat par tay . panyaray r kihc ၥ , sang tan kihc ၥay tya a sang ay ya pay aarng ya mang may . rap aywk a sak a syay aykarng aytyay p ၚ lar tat par tay . a lup m lup hk ng aytar aylark ayaarng hcit utk hc raray tya ႀ kanဳ lar tat par tay . ayngyay r ayၾ k ayr kaytar a bhak bhakk wang ayn par li m may . ya pႆ naray harng , ayrar garay harng aytya ya pan ayp ၚ lar tat tar koaytar satihtarr r m y aahk in ayl parpell . kan aaat iဳ ayp g nan aytya kaytar 4 ya hpahc par tay .

ၾ kar s pay t sarrsamee marr

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