Byteball airdrop to Steemians

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The steemians that are registered in Bittrex can already change the Byteball they received with their steemit account and it seems that this has encouraged a bit :)
Remember that Steemians receive a certain amount of Bytes according to the reputation they have in STEEM, in this way:
STEEM reputation above 30: you get $ 10
STEEM reputation above 40: you get $ 20
STEEM reputation above 50: you get $ 40
STEEM reputation above 60: you get $ 80
STEEM reputation above 70: you get $ 160
The process is very very simple, so I encourage everyone to do it. I remind you what to do:

Download the [Byteball] wallet( and follow these simple steps:

If you already had the wallet before, be sure to select a single address wallet . If you just installed it, the default wallet will be a single address wallet. You have to go to the "Main Menu" and click on "Add Wallet". He will ask you to give him a name, mine was pretty clear ... Those who know me know it 🙄😝🦄💙

Once this is done, ask some Steemian who already has it, if you can borrow 0.0006 GB (50,000 bytes) and send it to that wallet. The user who agrees to send it will receive a referral reward, so it should not be difficult to find willing donors, like me (hahaha). You can leave me a comment in this post if you have not done it yet and you want those free bytes , just for being Steemian ;)

Then, you go to the "chat", which you'll find in the lower right.

Once there, go to the " Bot Store " tab on the top right

You look for the bot called " Steem attestation bot "

The bot will send you a message explaining the entire process

The bot message is very clear but, just in case, I explain that what you have to do is go to the blue icon with three dots ( ) and choose option one (1) , to send the bot the address of that wallet that we have created (in my case, "Unicorn") and, of course, we send it ;)

The bot will send another message with a link that has been generated to Steemconnect . Follow this link and do the normal login procedure there, using the PK .

Once this is done, your STEEM account is already linked and you can return to the chat with the bot.

When you return to the chat, you will see that the bot will ask you if you want to store your username in private or public. If you want others to send funds to your username instead of your wallet address, you must choose the public. Finally, the bot will ask you to send 49,000 bytes to cover the storage transaction fee of the certification (private or public) in the DAG, which is what I said before that you have to ask a Steemian to send you. To do this, you simply click on the "Payment request 49,000 bytes" link and send it.

And you will see in your wallet the amount you have received, according to your STEEM reputation, as I said before.

It's really not difficult, the whole process takes a few minutes, although in this explanation it does not seem so ;)


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