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RE: Fridays Rock- when Rocks fly to me!

in #esteem3 years ago

You are so very welcome 💕 @melinda010100!!
Ravens really do make it to your area! :-))

Wow now that lava rock really flew yeow! Is that
a coin at the base? I have some small tektites the
same shape. Them volcanoes are everywhere eh lol


I love these ravens so much! I have the perfect frame for for the artwork and my kitchen is red so the other piece will be perfect in there!

That rock is definitely the most beautiful thing and instantly became a treasure! You are wonderful. It is a coin at the base of that hunk of lava. I'm glad I wasn't around when those were raining down!

I'm sure glad it all arrived in good form, hope there
wasn't to much tape lol
You would just love that little gift shop, the lady who
owns it painted the raven. Her husband runs the rock
shop next door! I just knew when I seen the raven
goodies they had to help fly that rock to you! :-)
Was meant to be the color of the potholder!

My daughter brought the package in and she was laughing at me struggling to cut through the tape. So I passed the package over to her and then I got to laugh while she struggled with the tape!

LOL I've seen how some have arrived over
the years and make sure what is sent is
able to pass through the atmosphere
like a meteor ☄ hehe

Well, it was a success!