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I was earlier at an interview as I decided to quit the hotel post after talking with the manager, because the payment was fixed and pretty low, with no extra benefits and I do plan to be able to give more and more support to both of my kids..

The interview was at the only factory of glass, here in Bucharest, and the only one from entire Romanian country, and everything went ok.
People/ my future colleagues and superiors thought strange that I choosed a basic position as I am pretty qualified for a better position and have a rich working experience and I speak and write english pretty well, but I gotta learn the basics in order to evolve and learn everything regarding production and glass defects and all the basics and focus on my work as it unfolds.

Tomorrow I'm going to go at the blood analisys laboratory as it's requested from the job and in a few days everything should be settled and I should be on a more stable ground...

It's great to work with and for a glass know from which chemical components is made and be part of the process from which is a combination of particles to where it becomes different glass bottles used in Romania ( for ex Borsec, Pepsi, Coca-Cola , Ursus and others...) and in other countries as well.

All machines I'm going to operate on, have been shown to me and Line lady chief tried to encourage me by tellung me that I might consider it a hard work but I will get used with it and reap other words have patience, learn and do:).

I believe it's something beautiful as I always love to get straight to the point and to the essence of things...and managing the chemical combination of the substances until they become the bottle which you buy and drink what it contains...I believe it's something special...It's a pitty that not many choose this kind of job in Romania but when they go in other country they would do it thinking that it's better paid which might be true but from my own experience, financial situation and market is pretty much alike because ok, in other country the basic sallary might be three/four times bigger than romanian sallary, but the rents and the prices are three times bigger as well.

After a bit I thought to call Radu (my future ex-husband, supposed to be the love of my life and the man I choosed and always considered and supported) to discuss about going out with Sofia friday or saturday for an hour or two and take her out in park.
I called him and ask him how they were and he said "how I am maybe"..
Me: -Oh right, it's're going to pick Sofia up right?
Him:- Yes, maybe, I'll see...
Me: -What do you mean?

After he told me that he will think about it and probably friday will be, and he will announce me...I remained speechless for a few seconds and after he asked me if I'm still on the line and I told him yes...after he said oh i got some little business (am putina treaba) and after I heared a female voice repeating in a questioning or dissrespectful style(gen putina treaba?) (towards the person from the phone which was me) and then I closed the phone...

Where he was it sounded like a crowded place and his voice sounded very cold and very robotic...I felt it from the beginning when he answered.

I called him again and asked him what was that female voice, he told me that I heared wrong...I said things which ussualy I regret and told him that I want that female voice dead and burried...

After 3 min I bursted in colleague tried to calm me as I thank God I wasn't alone...I stadted having a severe panic attack...I could feel like two hands on my back pressing...
I was almost ready to faint and that's when my mom called me...I answered her trying to control myself so she wouldn't hear or know...because my mom is very sick and I didn't wanted to make her have a brain attack or something...
And that's when I stopped going through whatever severe and critic situation was happening to me...

After 5 min sky went dark and it started raining with stones (who was in Titan location would know that it happend today) and made me think and feel that the skys are there with me and are as upset as I am...might be some crazy thinking but the coincidence was too obvious...

My love for Radu is sfill matter how hard I hate him or whatever he does to me...

That's why I don't think is fair that he is able to laugh and make fun of me and I can't laugh and move on and just resolve things(divorce, custody...)...

It's such a pitty...our live was real and existed...Angels are crying because of his and other people's ignorance and bad thinking and feeling....

In the meantime, I'm simply going to a oid him 100%...although some thoughts are crossing my mind.. that maybe I interpreted wrong and maybe she was just a friend...female person who commented...but probably not...I feel like in a mourning period...mourning for a precious lost love.......




P.s. I keep listening to this song as it seems it fits 80% my emotional state...


I wish you much love and peace!



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It seems that you had a challenging day. I just want to remind you that you're not alone in experiencing these things. A lot of people, me included, go through these things. It's great though that you are getting a new job. Good luck.

Thank you for your words! I hope you passed through and got to a positive outcome and that's really great you're offering your support to others who go through this too! We should always support eachother...I used to think I'm alone, even when being a single mom years before...and even after i got married.. but this year no...and this is thanks to you, to Steemit and to my great and special and so supportive, m local community, friends and I can easely call them my family!

very good dearfriend 100%vote and coment

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Mai frumoasa mai esti! Capul sus ca meriti sa fii mandra de tine si ce ai creat!

Numai o frumusete poate gasi frumusetea in altcineva:)! Iti multumesc Lavinia! Incerc sa.l tin sa nu supar scolioza:) sa continui...

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