Beautiful Sunday on Steemit + my new Steemit T-shirt

in #esteem3 years ago (edited)

Hi my friends and my Steemit family, I have a little surprise for you which you can see in picture:) and please let me know what you think about it.
I took the liberty to feel a bit relaxed today, sleeping more as next days will be again at high level from stress and activity point of view.
Close to me is Adormirea Maicii Domnului and I'm thinking to visit it..would be a pitty to go in a few days and not see it.
I feel today as a family day. Inside of me is a strong urge to enjoy this day with my kids and Radu, but he's still avoiding me and my son is relaxing home with his grandparents and my daughter is having fever and I bought her yesterday Nurofen for kids and thanks to a great and special friend I could buy her a big pag of pampers and managed to exchange few words for first time in an year with Radu's mom...but Radu avoided me and he hasn't been home whole day yesterday..

I wish you a beautiful Sunday, thank you for being here for me and I promise to make time to post more beautiful memories from Cardiff and Uk, which I have inside my phone.
P.S. I l.o.v.e. you Steemit!



8 pm update:
I went to Sofia and bought her what she likes and help her health get better...I couldn't see her as her grandmother put her to sleep to be ready for kindergarden in the morning...Radu was still not home since yesterday and it makes me worry so much and kill me...and I.m thinking and trying to visit the Church well...if it's still open.



This pic I made after i left her place.

Oh an P.S.
I started eating better too:)...I took yesterday and today some Sarmale from Cora Lujerului market, as I didn't got the chance to eat them on Easter.

Yesterday and today:


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You look awesome in that Steemit outfit. :) I think my chicken was better than yours though. ;) lol

Thanks but the message counts more than the person:). The chicken I choosed it so little...because it has a perfect baked skin which I live to eat it and I can't eat a whole dinner so it was perfectly little for me...I left anyway half of it in fridge and I never ate it again..gonna check yours too:), thanks

People like you and me are what makes Steemit great. :)

Hey Sunny,
I have not seen you around the poker tables lately, I hope you are doing well. your shirt looks great on you, come see us soon.

Hey @sultnpapper , thank you for droppin' by:)! I've been so busy as my life is pretty much a twist and unpredictable each day but as soon as I get more stable I'll sure join the play! Thank you again:)!

I heard your life has taken a major twist, but I am sure you are plenty capable of the challenges you face getting your life back on track. Keep your chin up and smile, there are plenty of better days in your future.

Oh man..thank you @sultnpapper ! See what life experience means? You are able to put just in a few words what others would take a long time to say:), thank you! I do try to stay more than high over the challenges, I'm happy that I'm not that alone on the road. Hope to see you soon!

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The food looks so good and tasty, wishing you all the best for moving forward

Hi @tattoodjay , nice to meet you and thank you for reading! It is tasty, I wanted to eat fast food but I thought why not choose cheap and healthy and tasty:). I'm trying my best to move forward, thank you! Don't be a stranger, cheers!

I am also these days trying to eat a lot healthier I should have started years, well decades ago, but at least I am now

Nice to meet you

The food looks really good, at first glance, I thought some of it were from south east asia or india. Hope you're having a blast on your trip

@alvinauh thank you , well it does look alike:), I'm happy to meet you! It's not a trip now..I came back to romania to resolve important things and very possible to get a divorce...but thank you for your nice thoughts!

frumoasa mai esti Alinutz! Te pup!

Tshirt look good :) hope you feeling better :)