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capung jarum

This dragonfly is called a cucumber needle that likes to live near water, in lakes, brackish and also waterlogged rice fields, these insect species are included in the odonata.


This type of insect animal is very easy to find around the yard of the house where I live because my house happened to be close to a fish pond that had stagnant water


This type of insect is very environmentally friendly and not harmful to humans as well as the environment, even this dragonfly type insect can make friends play children


if in aceh the insect type animal is named "denden", so a brief review of this dragonfly type insect, hopefully can add to the knowledge of dragonfly type insects.


Woww... Jenis animals yang sangat eksotik yang habitatnya di dedaunan dan dekat terusan Air yg bersih, capung jarum yg mengagumken. Hewan kecil yang beraneka warna ini sangat manarik untuk diamati, bukan begitu @teukuamirullah

100 teken pak ari

Mantap foto dendeng bak pade....

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Beutoi lah... Deundeun pula pisang, bangbang pula pade.....?

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