Problem Based Learning #EducationalMethod

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Hi Steemians Teacher

Many of us are still confused about the approachs, methods or techniques that can be used in education field. One of the famous method is Problem Based Learning.

I am not an expert in it but I just want to re-explain the method based on the picture I saw in a university wall.

Problem Based Learning

PBL is a method where the learners are given/identify a problem and strive to solve it by the knowledge they get from the learning process. (Ms. Riza)

If you have another suitable definition, please free to drop a line, yes 😊

In case you can't read the text in the picture clearly, here are the steps of PBL applying in a class based on the picture above:

  1. Problem assigned/find a problem
  2. Identify what we need to know of a problem/find the solution. It may come from every sources.
  3. Learn and apply the information to solve the problem. Do not hesitate to discuss it with a teacher or friends.

That is all what I can rewrite for you. Please, consider to take a closer look at the picture in order to understand more.

Thanks for reading.

With Love,



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