The Tenth Graders' Invitation Cards #English Expression

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In English lesson at Senior High School, we will learn about the expression on how to invite someone and accept or decline the invitation of someone.

The communicative purpose of this expression is obviously to invite or ask someone's presence at a special program we held such as party, ceremony or many others.

In inviting and accepting or refusing invitation there are many phrases that students may use. (you can refer to the English textbook for class X to see those phrases).

As a student, some of you may have been asked by your English teacher to invite your friend in formal or in informal way. One of them is by creating the invitation card.

Hereby, I would like to show you the invitation cards made by the tenth graders of Senior High School Number 1 Idi Rayeuk, East Aceh in order to widen your knowledge on English language expressions and also stimulate your creativity.

Check these out ;