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What a Fun May
Written by @udasfrow

This May, I had so many tests to be done.

I started the beginning of this month by following the profesional teacher competency test in a Vocational High School Number 1 Idi Rayeuk at third of May. It was thursday. The test was really tough, indeed. I missed a lot of questions to be answered due to the lack of time. I did not mean to boast, frankly speaking it was not about the difficulty on answering the questions but on managing to wisely use a limited time given. Seriously, this test seemed like a trap for me. It was not an excuse to hide my foolishness. Trust me :D

On friday, I took a night trip to the capital city of Aceh province, Banda Aceh. It was such a very long and tiring journey. It takes about approximately 7 or 8 hours from Idi Rayeuk by Bus. I was going to follow the academical potential test (TPA) at a three starred hotel in Banda Aceh on tuesday. But I decided to have a short holiday before the test day. That was why I visited the town earlier.

I arrived at Banda Aceh on Saturday morning. It was dawn actually. The town was still sleepy. Right after putting my baggage and taking the early morning prayer, I landed safely on my bed and slept all day long. At night, I enjoyed an Aceh Culinary Festival in Blang Padang field.

On Sunday, after walking around the city. I and my friend who also wanted to join the TPA test planned to study together at Zakir coffee shop in Lampriet. We brought our books to be discussed. It was such an unforgettable experience to learn and share knowledge in a cozy public place like this with many excellent and friendly friends. Thanks guys.

On Monday at seventh of May, I and forty five bachelor students from various town in Aceh and Medan held a meeting to know each other more and build a good relationship among us. The committee also explained the rules for tomorrow test.

On Tuesday morning, I woke up early and prepared myself to go to the Permata Hati hotel and convention. I had a small breakfast to keep my body fit and quickly run to the hotel hall where the test would be held. At a half past seven, I entered the test room and began to fill out the answer sheet. The test had three sessions, they are: English Language Test, Academical Potential Test and The Interview session. The test started from 7.30 AM to 15.30 PM. I did not forget to mention the nice lunch and two coffee breaks I had during the test. Those were delicious. The committee of this event had given us the best service. I loved it.

At four o'clock in the afternoon, I went back home to pray and had a little rest before exploring the city again in the next day. Eventhough the month was full of test, I was glad I can face it without having any serious obstacle. I hoped I can achieve the best result, Insya Allah. Well, what a fun May I had in 2018.


You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

On Monday at seventh of May, I and fourty five bachelor students from various town in Aceh and Medan held a meeting to know each other more and build a good relationship among us.
It should be forty instead of fourty.

Thanks for seeing by kak @ettydiallova

My pleasure Dik @udasfrow😍

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