A Little of This - A Little of That and TOO Much of Another!

in #esteem3 years ago

Just a little randomness today of the last couple of days around here...

Remember the great veggies I came home from my parents' house with on Saturday? I cut up and cooked some of the summer squash. It turned out great, as always. Yes, I know that isn't the healthiest of choices, batter-fried squash - don't judge me... this only happens 2 or 3 times a year. =)


Yummy looking huh? Know what's funny? Hubby is picking up on my blogging thing (though he never reads it) and asked before he touched these, "Did you get your pictures?" HaHa!

I also made some great homemade blueberry muffins with those yummy blueberries too. I wasn't able to get a photo to show you. They dove in too quick and they were gone in no time! A good sign huh?

So today I went to the hospital early with my parents. Mom had to have another procedure for a stent. They were scheduled to do but ended up doing just one. She is staying overnight but is doing great and will be coming home tomorrow.


The very pregnant, stray cat is no longer pregnant. Good news and sad. She hasn't blessed us with new babies to care for (good news) but we're pretty sure it was her first litter because she's so young and maybe premature, we woke up a few days ago to 2 not-completely formed, stillborn kittens... right on the front porch (sad news). I felt so sorry for her, she seemed lost? confused? But still very protective of what she had and was NOT happy when Abby darted out the door between our legs to check out things with us. I got some bloody & bruised knees protecting MY baby from the cat who was going after Abby while trying to protect her babies. It was quite a site. And you know... you really DO fall in slow motion, just like on the cartoons! LOL

We do have a BIGGER problem now though. We are now the neighborhood "Cat House"... Literally! I don't know what to do! But now every cat (males no doubt, typical!) are hanging around my house now and I'm so afraid that we'll be expecting babies again someday (way too soon) from this cute little mama.


I have started calling her "little girl". I have to refer to her as something. She (and she alone!) has started to grow on me. She's so loving and adorable. But I still want to find her a home... any (good) home but mine! Because here are the new "friends" that have started hanging around... at least 2 at all times plus her... (names below made up by me as references only to my hubby when we look out the living room window)

  1. "Fat Head" - the big, very well fed calico cat that looks like he's mixed with something wild, and has so many scars on his face and around his ears, he's obviously fought many times for his meal.

  2. "Smokey" - the dark grey smooth, shiny coat cat who is obviously someones pet that sneaked out or maybe was let out for a little fresh sunshine... and smelled his way to the cute little thing above on our porch.

  3. "Jersey" - the white-as-snow. with big black spots all over, who obviously enjoys Little Girl's company but is still skittish of us & runs with a step or two in his/her direction.

And tonight when I pulled in the driveway, coming home from the hospital & spending time with mom I began laughing from sheer madness at the sight of a NEW CAT!!...

  1. "Yellow" - another sleek, shiny coat, not a speck of dirt on him cat that followed his nose from his clean indoor home somewhere in the neighborhood to Little Girl on my porch.

I don't have it in me to be mean, and can't stand the thought of Little Girl being hungry if we just cut off the food from our house completely. But I have to get them to stop hanging around here somehow. I called the local Animal Shelter and they wouldn't take her, saying they were "over capacity" now and were sorry. The local pound would be a death sentence for her and that breaks my heart. I'm at the point now of PAYING someone to take her in. Then I could bring myself to just "Shoo" off the boys hanging around.

So tomorrow, after I get mom home from the hospital, I get to shoo them all off the front porch, hose it down and clean off any cat scents that are on it and try to think of a game plan. Any ideas?



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