[ULog #18] Its looking promising on the new Hunting Lease!

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🌼 Pipieline bordering our property.🌼 (🍀 Lucky 7 Hunting Club🍀 )

😂 The Tree that turned me around on the way to my spot.🤣

I am about to take you through the day myself and my wife @redheddemon. First day to ourselves in forever I hope you enjoy the small stories.

This tree threw me off so much!😳

This tree was blocking the way for @redheaddemon and I to get to 2 of the 4 trail cams that we were there to check. Like mentioned above this tree made me forget where I was. Its crazy what just a little time to grow and a small event such as this tree to almost change the environment all around you. I knew where I was Every other trail but my own its ironic isn't it? Close to life for me.

My Spot can you tell where I will be?😂

This shot above is looking up the now named "Middle Beaverpond Trail" lower end leads you straight to the beaver pond that I get to trap this winter as well build duck blinds for duck hunting and geese hunting galor me and the few that left my prior lease have picked a pretty good plot of 134 Acres here in the southern teir of New York. I put in alot of work into securing this land and am damn sure gonna A) Buy a Quad by bow season (Oct 1st). B) Keeping everything maintained IE trails and over growth and tracking the deer on the hill.

To the right of my tree.😀

This is my second favorite view at the tree I will be setting my tree stand at. its nice and thick and full of blow downs for them to try to hide behind if they are bedding. There was alot of deer sign in the area changed the camera angle to where I think I will get better Pictures. Only time will tell and we will have to see. I would also like to let you know, I am gonn abe doing alot more daily life vlogs and videos of my races on GTA v with a celeb I play with every night 😎 . Cant wait for hunting season is what I am feeling lmao.

Thank you for reading


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