[ULog #20] Its been a long time Steemit its been a ride.

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Its been a while steemit IM BACK!
(All typing no graphics this time.)

Let me first say that I have missed reading and conversing with everyone here on the platform, a lot has changed i can see these SMT's are gonna be a thing to get used to lmao I know I like WeedCash. Well in classic fashion I am gonna be open and genuine about whats been happening in my life its been a crazy ride! well let me begin with the big juicy stuff with the VA, not all bad some good with even some great news for me this September. But first off we think we may have found something antidepressant wise just needs minor tweaks still so that has been tolerable since we learned how much is to much to not benefit me so that's on going. In July I had surgery on my nose for a completely deviated septum, so long story short there I am getting my stints out of my nose and @redheaddemon hasn't been feeling well last couple of days and on the way out she started to fall out, and me having PTSD kicked into fight mode and the VA had witnessed this and seemed a Reevaluation of my PTSD and my back and hip because I was directing the doctors standing around while I was basically med evacuating my wife! Well played VA but I was already starting the process for Total and permanent Disability for my PTSD because 12 years of my life lost I Deserve what I have earned. I took a small break from the whole space as a whole because I was getting involved with another discord as admin and then soon Head Admin of the server which was based around a Musician that was also himself involved with. Well that was great for a very long time, it had its ups and downs but it was good. Became friends with the artist and even planned a meet up for his first concert to kick off his 2020 tour in Knoxville TN, this is first time I have been to Tennessee and @redheaddemon and I drove the East coast on New Years eve and day to fireworks everywhere. We were on the coastal side to pick up another member of the staff going to the meet up. Well this gets interesting so you may want to get your popcorn.

We arrive down in TN on New Years day and it was a relief as I drove 19 hours straight on pure NOS energy drinks and 5 hour energy drinks. end up staying up the whole day and cant sleep that night VERY uncomfortable conditions, we were promised hotels and money by the artist, me personally would not have been able to go without this promise and well I trusted again and it was broken again. Well anyway we did get to enjoy 1/2 concerts we were supposed to be at and it was amazing to be able to experience that with my wife it was the highlight of what we were calling our honeymoon which turned into a nightmare, and ended even worse. But I am not really gonna harp to much more on that because it gave me the realization that being here in the community I love is what I needed to do again both here on steemit and in the EnjinCoin space because the meet up only screwed me from paying my January's Mortgage payment. I got my drive back for cryptocurrency and earning it and being free again of the hold being there had on me though im still in the discord designing steemit and Enjin are my main focus. Gotta provide for the family the best way I know how grinding through hard work. Hopefully this wasnt to butchered Im A Bit Rusty Lmao.😂 😂

Thank you for reading


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Welcome back man!!! So what exactly did yiu find for deoression, if you dont mind me asking. Also what artist stood you up? Sorry for being nosey, but this is some juicy stuff, lol

Gonna have to stay tuned to the next post I am gonna reveal all and share some of the AWESOME videos I took.

Welcome back buddy

Thank you brother its good to be back.

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