I’m Giving Away 10 SBD & Copies of My Book, to Celebrate 1,000 Followers :)

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It's been a little over six months since I began this mind and heart-expanding journey on Steemit and I'm grateful to see I've surpassed a 1,000 followers! Thank you, kind folks for your attention and interest _/|\_ I believe artists are as good as their audience and, because of you, I've dared to try new things as a writer: blogging, daily, being at the top of that list :)

As a small thank you for your support, I will be gifting 3 copies of my book, Barely There, a collection of short poems inspired by the constraints of social media. All I request is that you resteem this post and tell me in as little as a line or two (or more if you prefer) why you might like a copy. The best answer receives 5 SBD along with a book, 2nd best gets 3 SBD and a book and 3rd 2 SBD and a book. This contest/giveaway will be open until Monday morning (in Florida, USA) when I will announce winners.


Small clarification: If you live outside the USA, you're still eligible for the SBD prizes, but I shall send you an e-copy, instead of a paperback.

Here, is the opening poem in "Barely There":


Beneath the intricate network of noise
there’s a still more persistent tapestry
woven of whispers, murmurs and chants

It’s the heaving breath of the very earth
carrying along the prayer of all things:
trees, ants, stones, creeks and mountains alike

All giving silent thanks and remembrance
each moment, as a tug on a rosary bead
while we hurry past, heedless of the mysteries

And, yet, every secret wants to be told
every shy creature to approach and trust us
if only we patiently listen, with all our senses.

For further reading, please, see this warm review of Barely There or listen to a feature on National Public Radio. Lastly, below are generous endorsements by writers that I admire.

Many thanks, for playing along, and I do hope that you win _/|\_


'Lababidi moves from the aphoristic and the epigrammatic to the suggestive, the lightly hinted, the nuanced, with impressive ease. This is a rare gift, more associated with European writers than with American. This striation of tone, of register, of mood, gives a sense of surprise to his sentences; they spring back to the touch. Sometimes they even seem surprised at themselves. . . . The book becomes an exploration on which the reader embarks. This is one of the elements in collections . . . I most appreciate this secret invitation au voyage that the author holds out and Lababidi does this extremely well, with courtesy as well as cunning.''
—Eric Ormsby, poet, scholar, and author of ''Ghazali: The Revival of Islam''

''I find myself pausing everywhere among these wisdoms, wondering why the world stumbles and staggers through such a dark and greedy time when there are people alive with such keen, caring insight. . . . If Yahia Samir Lababidi were in charge of a country, I would want to live there.''
—Naomi Shihab Nye, poet, anthologist, and author of ''There is No Long Distance Now''

''Wisdom for Lababidi is on the move, a matter of suppleness rather than rigor, of insights and angles rather than rules. . . . As intense as his conversation with himself is, it is also kind, tolerant of his own limits and of ours. . . . I give you that expert self-listener, that excellent writer, Yahia Lababidi.''
—James Richardson, poet, aphorist, and author of ''By the Numbers''

''Lababidi knows that fables and metaphors overcome resistance more readily than facts and position papers. His half-smile becomes our own, changing our self-estimate, and then who knows? the choices we make as well.''
—Alfred Corn, poet, essayist, and author of ''Tables''

''Brilliant. . . . think of the wild mind of Blake and the calmly collected Wallace Stevens, with a touch of Franz Kafka s hammer inside a velvet glove.''
—Duff Brenna, novelist, author of ''Murdering the Mom: A Memoir''

''Yahia Lababidi s aphorisms are elegant, thoughtful, and wise, written proof that the art of the aphorism is still very much alive.''
—James Geary, author of ''I Is an Other: The Secret Life of Metaphor''

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hi! :D Im from Caracas, Venezuela, SouthAmerica, musician, artist and writer, just few days ago i can publish my second multilanguaje poem (Broken Godess and The eternal solitude of farewells in spanish, english, french, indonesio and filipino tagalog), cause i wanna expand my poetry in the international comunity and Steemit can help me with this! I love all the artist in this platform, really have an amazing wisdom with theirs words, i mean i like a lot to find writer´s like you, with that passion and wisdom in each word! Just like a cool breeze in the air, Im mostly spanish writer and reader, but i understand a lot of your words, (i try to create my english text without some digital translator online) and i like it:

And, yet, every secret wants to be told

Yes i try to reveal a lot of secrets in my writes, i born in a very magical place, in the middle of brave crisis ever, but here the magic and mystic its awesome, very strong energy, i try to listen the elements of the nature for have a good concept of my writing mode with some paranormal and sacred touch, and i feel that you do the same, you listen the voice of your heart and try to connect with a lot of beings humans or sacred ones, so cause of that i like a lot your words.

I really love to have the book but im living a big crisis here in Venezuela, its a MadMax Movie chaos, so for this time if i won the sbd will be an awesome help, for me and others, i have a foundation here in my country and in steemit too @unknownheroes, so here each sbd counts its a lot of money and helps us for survive, but i dont write this lines begging for help, only wanna write the truth about your writing, i like a lot, touch my heart, i mean, here in this dimension plane exists a lot of stuffs, mysteries, magic and exist a wisdom sacred that travel in the air and conect us, with powerfull God energy of love and peace!

I reesteem this post and upvoted too, and reetweet (https://twitter.com/NahuPuku) ;) Blessings for you and for all the people that read this post! Sincerely yours! Nahu Padilla (an Lebanese, Beirut descendent). If you wanna read some of my writings let me know (i translate some of them into english).

By the way i love the Rumi poetry and wisdom, and the Klimt art (i study arts in college and music too)! See ya!

Thanks, for introducing yourself and your art. As I mentioned to you, on Twitter, the competition is over and I’ve announced the winners. As a small consolation I can send you an e-copy & 5 SBD which I hope will help you out a little 🙏🏼

PS - I’m also of Lebanese background.

:O will be awesome ;) thanks a lot! yes i really like it! please tell me about e-copy your need my mail? and thanks a lot for the sbd, will be really helpfull, bleesings!

by the way this are my two short multilingual poems, my new writings if you wanna take a look and thanks a lof for answer me, really really cool


old post:

I'm happy to help & yes, I saw your poetry on your blog, congratulations :) Please, leave your email, here, or on Discord and I can send you an ecopy. Cheers, Yahia

Im Very honored really, thanks a look its very good to know that you like my poetry, im trying to translate in an apropiate way all of my writing works since 1998 to english, for others people in the world can read about my works, i translate some art (poetry visual art) for Steemit and im very happy to show my art and know others talented artists and writers too, awesome my discord user is:

And my Discord channel for support new users and artists in Steemit its: https://discord.gg/QKkk8K3
if you wanna take a look or join us :)

My email: [email protected] ;)

Thanks, for letting me know, Nahu, and best of luck with your art! I've sent you an an email with my book :)

Congrats on the followership :) I'll not be taking part in the giveaway, but will resteem on my alt-account to spread to more eyeballs (currently focused on getting my message out in the main account and hopefully getting somethings rolling from the higher ups!). Have fun!

Really grateful for the good cheer, Kevin, and your heartwarming encouragement. Best of luck to you & us in capturing attention/imagination of the powers-that-be! Steemit is lucky to have concerned, proactive members such as yourself 🙏🏼

I've fallen in love with your writing @yahialababidi, it beautifully opens my mind and heart while expanding my understanding of life, of the human condition and of the experience of being an Egyptian-American.

If I win, I'd love the book and will donate my winning SBD towards shipping a physical book to a winner outside the US if there is one. If that's not enough to fund it, lmk and I'll chip in a few more $.

Oh, you’re grand, @natureofbeing; it’s a privilege to be heard by a fellow artist/seeker such as yourself. Thanks, for your entry and donation suggestion 😀


ReSteemed and Tweeted! Good luck to everyone who enters this awesome contest! :)

Many thanks, for going the extra distance, dear Kenny & joining us :)

Hello, Congratulations on 1,000 followers!!

I would absolutely LOVE to get a copy of your book for my 14 year old daughter. She is an avid writer and would 1,000 percent enjoy reading it. Perhaps even get her more inspired to continue her writing endeavors. She is a straight A student and will be pursuing college, so I know your writings will motivate her as even the above poem motivates me :)

Hey, that's real sweet, man! I'm very fond of young readers/writers, and 14 is just about the age to enjoy a book like this. You're clearly a proud dad, and sound like you have reason to be :) Glad you enjoyed poem, too, and thank you for your entry _/|\_

Yes sir, she absolutely LOVES reading and writing :) I just know she will love this book. I want to surprise her with it. Thank you so much for the compliments, keep up the amazing work.

Hi sir @yahialababidi, I might just know you recently from my friend @kenny-crane who reesteemed your post currently, but as I visit your blog and found a thoughtful writing with lots of original information, idea and poetry collection, I guess now I've been considering you into one of an inspiring writer who could inspire and influence your readers to do the same.

Moreover, as the one who love magic word or what people called as poetry, I think I would be so glad to have your paper book, I just amazed by reading your poem collection on your blog, such as "a love letter to life", "Renouncing Words & Kneeling in Stages", late night confessions",
or even the shortest one "Eye Sigh", It is short but powerful. I can't wait to read more on your paper book later, I'm pretty sure I gonna find more your magic words there.

However, as I live far away in different continents from you, I think I have to be satisfied for only reading in the PDF version .
That's okay! The point is I could rove your book.

Liked, followed and reesteemed your post!
From Aceh, Indonesia ❤️

I appreciate all the time & effort that has gone into this entry. Thank you, for exploring my work & for your warm words 🙏🏼

You are welcome sir!
I do love to write poem and Motivational Quote too in my leisure time. But as I am coming from a non-English speaking country, so I think I couldn't write poem as perfect as you and the expert did, but now I have a new figure to learn from, it's you! I now can learn more from your post as a media of learning for me.
I would be so glad if you could visit my blog sometime.

Congratulations, but so many more than 2,000 eyes need to see your work! I made the mistake of reading other comments, and I always feel like others need or would benefit from gifts more than I. If Im honest, Ive had a very rough time this last year and I would really benefit from this particular gift. I know I'm not usually light on words but asking for things isnt my strong suit haha. You know I adore your writing and appreciate the philosphical company🤗✌❤

I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties and hope they are alleviated, soon. Many thanks, for your gracious words and entry; what springs from the heart reaches another's heart ❤

Mabruk for the followership. As the English proverb says the Knowledge is power and as our the hadith of the prophte peace be upon him,says, if you want worldlife you must learn and if you want the Hereafter life you should learn and if you want them both so you must learn and read and I am asking you to give me the opportutniy to learn and read your ncie writting.
As an arabic native speaker and English lover I am proud of you and glad to knowd someone like you. Don't know if you puplish yur books on kindle store but I advice you to puplish your papers books and ebooks to reach to more audience and especially Ebooks version for arab community. Good luck brother and ramdhan kareem. Resteemed and salam from Algeria

Ramadan Kareem Khaled & thank you, for sharing this noble Hadith with me. In my reading & writing, I try to seek knowledge, too.

Yes, my books are available, electronically (as I mention in my post or in my Amazon link).

Thanks, for your entry 🙏🏼

Congratulations on 1,000 followers!

Hey, thanks, for good cheer & I wish you continued success! I’d really like to learn more how to use @utopian-io

All giving silent thanks and remembrance
each moment, as a tug on a rosary bead
while we hurry past, heedless of the mysteries

I think you are an incredibly gifted poet and essayist. I would love a collection of your work. I live in Canada; I don't know if I could still get the hardcopy, but either way, I'd be thrilled. You pen with grace and insight and create pieces that one would like to visit time and again. Your words are beautiful:)

Congratulations, Yahia, on your first 1000 followers on steemit. I know that there is many more to follow:) Reesteemed, my friend:)

Bless your heart, Pryde. One of the highlights of being on this platform has been getting to know you and your fine work. I believe you have a gift for short-form writing and that this book of brief arts would be right up your alley :) Many thanks, for your high praise, fellow poet, and for your entry. _/|\_

Hello @yahialababidi,

Nice to meet you (now following), and congratulations on reaching 1,000 followers (something I hope to do in the next month or two).

a collection of short poems inspired by the constraints of social media.

My name, as you can see by my handle, is @michaelluchies (Michael Luchies). I'm a writer and entrepreneur. My primary position is as the Communications Manager for After School, the largest U.S.-based teen social network. I write blog posts, communicate with users, parents, teachers, nonprofits, etc., help organize campaigns (suicide prevention, destressing, cyberbullying prevention, etc.), and a lot more. While most social media platforms are looked at as a problem, and I understand why, there are platforms that are actively trying to help users and fully grasp how they impact the lives of their users (and improve that impact).

I welcome and thoughts and views on social media, and your poems, inspired by this topic, are of interest to me. I'd love to check out your book. If interested in seeing a little bit about what we're up to, search "After School App Blog" (sorry for making you search, I just don't want to spam your post with links, as I'm not trying to promote anything).

Congratulations again, and I look forward to reading your posts. Take care.

Thank you, Michael, for taking the time to introduce yourself & for the valuable work you do.

To be clear, my book is inspired by “the constraints of social media” — which is to say, some poems are short enough to be tweets — vs social media, per se.

As you might see, from attached book review, “Barely There” is more concerned with literature & spirituality.

Thanks, for your entry.

Ahhh, I thought you meant that it was inspired by social media as in the poems were directly influenced by it. Thank you. Still, sounds like a good read. Thank you.

Also, I see you did not resteem my post, as I requested, in order to be eligible :)

An oversight, sorry, just fixed that.

1000 followers, congratulations ;-)
I would really love a copy of your book, not for myself, but for my grandfather. His 82nd birthday is coming up in a couple of months,
and I would love to give it to him as a birthday present. My grandfather
has so many stories and decades of wisdom within him, and I have
been pestering him to write a book. He wants to do it, but for some
reason he keeps putting it off. My hope is that by gifting him your book,
a book from a real writer and artist, it will give him the little push he
needs to start writing.

That is a noble cause, indeed; thanks, for your entry. Where do you live?

I'd love a copy simply because I love your work and I love hard copy books over digital works. Win/Win. :)

O, this is getting harder and harder... As you know, I’m an admirer of your work, too. Thank you, for your kindness and your entry 🙏🏼


:: blush :: Thank you, that means a great deal to me.

It does look like as if you are going to have a hard time of it. haha.

Yes, very hard choosing only 3 :o Might have to bend rules a just a little ... 😀


:: blush :: Thank you, that means a great deal to me.

It does look like as if you are going to have a hard time of it. haha.

I would like a copy because I struggle with trying to live in the moment. I remember as a child a summer seemed to last a year, now they accelerate every year. I think poetry is an antidote to that. Thanks for running the contest, and congratulations on the 1K followers. :-)

Thank you, for your entry and thoughtful answer. Yes, poetry can do that, help us to inhabit the present. I see also that we share many of the same concerns: philosophy, faith, writing, and psychology. Good to e-meet you & thanks, again. _/|\_

Amazing writing @yahialababidi. Really impressed me. Upvoted and resteemed !!

Bless your heart, compatriot (my dad’s Lebanese). I’m grateful for your support & sensitivitity 🙏🏼

Great. Nice to hear that your dad is lebanese. Hope there will be more lebanese on steem !! Good luck in everything 😁

Cheers :) If you're not aware, @arabsteem is a good place to meet more Arabs on this platform. _/|\_

Yea it is. @arabsteem is one of the best communities to meet Arabs 😄

I agree. Salamat 🤗

Congrats Yahia and great initiative !
I'm sure your book will be as an amazing read as your posts are.
I'm opting out of the competition in favor of others, but I'll surely resteem and share with our Arabsteem community :)

Thank you, brother, for your support and encouragement. I really appreciate your sharing this with the Arab community & all you do 🙏🏼

Congratulations. I might like an e-copy of your poems to accomoany me as I attempt to write a collection of thematically linked short stories. I'm thinking of calling it Abstracted. My aim is possibly to write pieces that draw attention to the bigger, wider, paradoxical, often wordless space that exists outside of the thin, linear, digital one that draws us into seeing others and the earth as categories and labels.

I suspect your book could be a good accompaniment :)

Very interesting response, Sue. My book is titled Barely There because it attempts to inhabit those wordless spaces you speak of... Thanks, for your entry and best of luck with your own book. _/|\_

Wow! 1000 is my goal till the end of June )))) Do I want too much? No, because I'd love to have a copy of your book as well as a reminder that going towards our dreams is the only way of moving forward! How will it remind me of this? Well, first of all, it's going to be my very first time of winning a contest on steemit (and giveaway is the greatest contest for it's done with all giver's heart and the prize will keep your spirit); second of all, steemit is the place where I discovered my new side as a poetry lover and even maybe a beginning poet, who is just starting their exciting journey, your book would remind me of it and, I'm sure, inspire me, because your writing is one of those diamonds I've found here, on the platform!

As for SBD, I'd want to donate them to Steemit Poetry Community, to support those who maybe don't expect much from steemit, so they can be encouraged, as was I, when received all the feedback from you, guys!

It's certainly ambitious, my friend (to get in one month, three times the followers you've gotten over nearly four months)! But, as we say, if you shoot for the moon and miss, you land among the stars.

Thank you, for your lovely sentiments and your entry. I wish you much more poetry, both on the screen and off, in life _/|\_

Congrats on all your success! I'm learning to write. I love poetry, I write many poems about loving and social inequality. I would want to get the book as an honor because you are a poet and of course I will learn from your success.

I wish you best of luck with your poetry and thank you for your entry ✌🏼

Thank You very much

Congratulation for 1,000 followers to you. It's a great moment (someday I will be like you, InsyaAllah).
I have resreem your post, brother @yahialababidi
Your book so awesome. Once again, congratulation for what you have.

Much appreciated & I wish you best of luck achieving your own goals.
Thank you, for your entry _/|\_

Congratulations on releasing your book. I would love to get a copy of it. I'm not really a reader, to be honest. I usually feel lazy about it. But recently, i just discovered that there is so much "gold in prints" and all i need to do is to develop the thirst for knowledge and that's what I'm doing now. Look forward to receiving it!

Welcome, to the enchanted world of books; I wish you many happy discoveries (nice expression: gold in print). Thanks, for your entry.

hi @yahialababidi, I just read your writings that amaze me with a very beautiful poem that has a very emotional feeling for the reader to enter in every poem you make. a very powerful thought to produce a very good book to read for this composed bookworm. I really want to have the book, if I can have it because I live in Indonesia. what's more in the list of contents of this book is very much that I like them: "Love", "Circumstances", "Destiny", "Pen Pal" and "PoetTry", but surely really like it all.

Thank you, for your entry. I appreciate you looking further into my book's contents and your kind words. _/|\_

I am an aspiring poet and i have always wanted to write the way you do with your imagery metaphors and deep sensations. The book will be very beneficial. Thanks

I appreciate your kind words, brother. Thank you, for your entry.

Social media has now become a second oxygen to us, I want to really see how your poems shows another dimension to social media.

When I say my book was "inspired by the constraints of social media" I don't mean that it's about social media. Rather, some poems are brief enough to be tweets :) Thanks, for your entry.

Congratulation, I hope your contest will touch more and more people. Resteemed

Thanks, for your kind words of encouragement and support. Contest is over, now, and I announced the winners 4 days ago: https://steemit.com/creativity/@yahialababidi/announcing-winners-of-my-book-and-sbd-giveaway-36a471402c679 (If you like, I can share with you an ecopy of my book :)

great, I like it

The reason why I would like to have a copy of that particular poem is wanna be brought to a whole new dimension of life as what it seems to the prolog of the poem. In all honesty, I felt the depth of where your coming at, but your words are rerouting me to appreciate even further the beauty of writing. It just simply navigates the whole world through the power of creation in writing. Shalom Sir.

Thank you, for your warm appreciation and entry. Salam, @nielfid _/|\_

First congratulations to you.

I'm curious about those poems you have written in your book, since I'm also studying and writing poems. And maybe someday when you become famous I could brag to every poem aspirations that i have an original copy of you works that personally came from you.

Thanks, for your entry & best of luck with your own poetry. To find out more about my book, I invite you to read review I linked to in my post.

As for fame, a silly and relative thing, I’ve achieved a little taste of that over the years... (Google my name, if you’re interested :)

Barakallah brother, congrats. I like the cover, felt a sense of calm when I saw it. :)

Congrats to you 1k followers! More will come. I believe there are those who are already worthy of those books :D I enjoyed reading the comments. It is interesting to know how one common thing bring others together.

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