I approve of eSteem posts.
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Much appreciated! Thanks!

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You're welcome @melinda010100
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Let's keep it positive

My experience has been mixed and I am aware of a number of issues which I will gladly document in a post when I have a moment.

Brief summation of some issues:

  1. Going to the Comments page of users continues to redirect to @abit's comments. I've reported this and believe the dev team is working on it.

  2. When submitting a reply, the response will be "This post was removed by " or something along those lines. The reply will be successful in spite of it so it's just unusual.

  3. Occasional when typing a comment, issues come up when trying to select and delete text which result in buggy behavior. It seems to type not where the cursor is. Exiting the comment and going back seems to resolve.

My recommendation is for their to by more extensive testing / quality control performed for the Android app. I am tempted to go back to Partiko but hear that the dev is MIA so don't care too much for that.

Would prefer giving them a chance as the Esteem team has been consistent in contributing to Steem. As such, would like to support.

Thanks for your feedback. I believe those things will be addressed in the next update. Please report issues you are having in Discord.

Totally agree, and I'd add, that on a page with Reply would be nice to see what post does particular reply belongs to. Besides, editing of posts is almost ... impossible, as I have only 4 visible lines.

eSteem is true a helpful app, You should comment, vote and write more post to earn ESTM!

Last night i also join esteem community and download esteem dapp.

Posted using Partiko Android

you will not regret of it.

The more you use it the bigger your votes from them will become! Let me know if you have questions.
And welcome to eSteem!

Very good 👍

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Hope you go write a review and share it here!

Thank you for the contest @melinda010100. I post a review about eSteem. Here my entry
10 Reason I choose eSteem which is a more charming dapps, a review for join contest from @melinda010100
It is my honor if you visit it.
Warm regard from Indonesia

Your Hi @melinda010100.
I just write a review and i attach my post too.
Thank you for the chance.
Warm regard from Indonesia

Nicely done! Sending you an ESTM Gift!

I get double
Thank you @melinda010100

You did double the work!

Really nice! I knew I could count on you! Sending you an eSteem gift.

Really nice! I knew
I could count on you! Sending
You an eSteem gift.

                 - melinda010100

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I like it, but I think it is lacking, or I am just missing features somewhere like claiming rewards. I still find myself going to Steempeak or Parkito for this. The design is awesome though, keep up the good work!

Glad you have given eSteem a try! To claim your rewards just click on the the little gift box down at the bottom next to the blue circle. Then, next to the total of your ESTM click on the little arrow and it will give you options to gift, sponsor or boost and you can spend your ESTM. Hope that helps, and please ask if you have questions.

To claim Steem rewards, just go into your wallet.

This is a great post! @Melinda010100
I jumped at the chance to leave a positive review for the eSteem app (especially after having to leave a couple negatives reviews on other apps earlier tonight left a bad taste).

Screenshot is attached. Upv & Rsd! 💯
This is what I said:

"I have been an eSteem for Android user for almost two years and have only good things to say about the app! New functionality and helpful features are added regularly. Images, videos, and gifs are a cinch to upload into a post through the app. There are contests & daily points earned for activity; users get two extra hashtags, you can even bookmark posts, save favorite user, and schedule posts!"


Perfect, @ninahaskin! Sending you an ESTM Gift. Thanks for always being such a great eSteem supporter!

Appreciate the ESTM gift! @melinda010100
Thanks for being a terrific teacher and getting me onboard!

We have all benefited by being eSteem users over the years, haven't we!

We certainly have! I'm learning about new eSteem features all the time 💯

This is very good Idea ... I go and shere it on my pages and also in Twitter :)

Could you share your review here in the comments? Google is so slow at showing them. You can just type what you said. It does not have to be the screen shot.

Thanks for all you do to support esteem! I'm sending ESTM!

Thanx :))

Great idea Melinda..
I will go leave a review asap..

There it is


Nice review! I am sending some ESTM to you!

This is my proof of participation as I truly appreciate this upgraded esteem app.

Thanks for taking time to write a review! I'm sending you some ESTM.

I am bigtime fan of eSteem app and always ready to show my love. I have added my reviews in Google Play Store. Here is the snapshot-


eSteem is superb app. 👍

And this is a superb review!😊 Thanks for supporting eSteemapp.
I'm sending you some ESTM!

Thanks much for the reward.

Hi @melinda, very good idea to held this. dear esteemian. I have used the Esteem application since the beginning. I don't know why I like posting via EsteemApp. As an Android user, I feel comfortable sharing post stuff via the EsteemApp mobile version platform. don't ask me why, because it's a matter of taste, and I am in love with esteem. The Love doesn't need reasons. 😍😍😍

I agree! Hope you have time to go to the Playstore and write a review!

I am from play store. Here my screenshot. a1ured44ca.png

Nicely done! Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review!
I'm sending ESTM.

Thank you for a gift.

as i use a desktop version... seems i cant take part in this one.

This one is for app users. Next week you can join in to share on Twitter!

It is a great post.

Hi @melinda010100. I have the application on my computer. I had no problems, just a little slow. I like too.

Thanks for using eSteem Surfer! 😊

Good idea ! I’ve done mine already 💡 💪

Thanks! If you want to copy it here I will send you some ESTM!

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 6 of my contest just started...check it out!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

Thanks, Pix! ❤️

Hey @melinda010100, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

MmmmMmmm! Thanks!

I've included a fair bit of constructive criticism!

I think well thought out appropriate critism by app users is always appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to write a review. Sending some ESTM.

Done! Yay! So happy! Thank you for this idea to boost both eSteem and Steem.


A lovely review! Thanks for all you do for eSteem! Sending ESTM

A very interesting information. Thanks @ melinda010100

Glad you found it helpful! As you can tell, I do love eSteem!

Done. Here is my review on Google Play Market:

Thanks for taking time to write a review! Your support is appreciated! I'm sending some ESTM

Super fantastic by esteem

I agree! 😊

Very good theme!

Posted using Partiko iOS

@melinda010100, I wanted to publish my last post through Estim. I wrote a draft, designed everything and clicked "publish." The program crashed three times and I had to publish through another service. With what it can be connected?

The node I have been using is It has been reliable for me. You can change servers by going into settings. Let me know if that doesn't fix it for you, or go into help in eSteem's Discord.

I am also configured on
Maybe there are too many photos and it started to slow down?

That shouldn't be a problem. If you are sure you have the latest version, keep changing servers until you find one that works for you. Try doing a test post or two.

I used to publish one or two posts a day through eSteem. And yesterday I uploaded a lot of photos and ... started making them clickable. Here is a weak editor. While editing, he began to slow down, and refused to publish at all. Maybe you should pay attention to the developers?

Please go to the Discord and report this. They do appreciate learning of any bugs people are finding. @horpey

It's a really good app it makes posting much easier

Thanks! Did you write a review at Google Playstore?

Since I can't see it yet would you tell me what it says here in the comments?

Its a really good app it makes posting much easier

This was my review. Thank you for letting me know about this app.

*This app is easy to use and has a really good look to it. eSteem is for me and for everyone. I was looking and looking at better ways to use my new Steem acount and eSteem had the solution I was waiting for. *

What a nice review! Be sure and ask if you need any help finding your way around, and thanks for using eSteem. I am sending you some ESTM.

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Good news and I am happy be here too. Thank you for your encouragement all the time. I keep myself on the track in esteemapp esteem, I just had a little bit problem when I have no reading glass, the font is so small. In fairness, I got not some estm token.

If you go to Playstore and write a review I will be happy to send you some ESTM! You can see how many you have by clicking on the little gift box at the bottom next to the blue circle!

I Hop didn't come late. This is my review in the Google play store.
Thank you for the contest

There really is no end date here, so you are not late at all! Thanks so much for writing a review. I am sending you some ESTM!

Your creative ideas make the difference .Thanks @melinda010100 for ESTM's token, my account has been dry since a dull moment.

We all need to keep talking! Have fun with the Tokens!

yeh, lol very nice . thanks again ☺️

Hola @melinda010100 me gusto mucho que promocionaras esta App eSteem me parece muy buena y la vengo usando hace unos meses. Aqui esta mi reporte en la Play Store.

Gracias! Agradezco su apoyo y le envío algunos ESTM.

Muchas gracias. Gracias por los steem... Saludos

Posted using Partiko Android

Amen 🙏! Esteem is great and we should make people aware of it !

Great way to reward thanks
My screenshot
Thanks @melinda010100

Thanks for taking time to write a review! Sending ESTM!

Already I putted riview on play store.


Thanks for the review! Sending ESTM!


Thank you esteem for making such a mobile friendly app for us steemians. Here’s the the future of esteem 🍻

A great review! I'm sending you some ESTM!

I like esteem because it helped me get a 30 cent upvote the first time I used it

It is fun to get an eSteem upvote, isn't it?

Oh yeah I love it

Check out the contests I have going and write a review or send some tweets!

Okay I will think about it

Are you asking for people to write positive reviews on the Play Store and you will reward them? That's not good and Google will realize about it.

I do lots of contests! I thought this would be a fun one and that it might help Steem. eSteem is not asking for reviews.

That's great comment, thanks for asking! As creator and founder of eSteem, I can say that reviews and feedback are great to improve the product, no matter positive or negative. We appreciate any type of feedback and it has been helping us throughout years to listen what our users say and what improvements they want to see.

I agree on that, @good-karma. It could not be in any other way. Most of the times I post reviews which are sincere. And gratefully most of the times developers have thanked me for my reviews and even more times they have fixed problems I said their app had. So I updated my review accordingly.

However, there is a great difference between posting a review on the product listing on the Play Store -or the AppStore or whichever- and asking people to post a positive review which would then be rewarded, no matter if the rewarding comes from the developer or a person who truly loves the app and wants it to become more popular.

Furthermore, a positive review would not make the app improve as it would do a sincere comment.

Awesome! By participating in this contest many can earn ESTM and they can use it in boosting their eSteem app.

Nice effort & initiative! Resteem...

Thanks, my friend! You are always a great eSteem supporter!

Fantastic idea. I don't know why I have not done my review before, but here it is now.

Wonderful review! Thanks for the support! I'm sending you some ESTM.

Thank you Melinda!

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