A girl got married

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A girl got married
On the first night of the wedding, the bridegroom enters the room for a big meal
Greater than food
The scent was coming,
He said: Let's eat food.

Wife said: I saw your mother did not eat,
Call them too, then eat together,
The husband said: She will be swollen,
Leave them we both eat.
The wife kept insisting, but he was determined to let Amy stay,

When the wife saw her husband's behavior, she demanded a divorce at the same time.

The husband was surprised, at her demand, she explained big, but she kept on talking until she got divorced.

The two separated and they both married again.
Thirty-five years passed.

He intended to do Hajj.
While traveling, her sons looked like a queen
The feet were not allowed to fall to the ground,
It was a desert trip

Looking at a man on the way, who had a badly hungry thirsty hair, clothes old, this woman said to the children: Go look! Who is the traveler, pick him up, wash his hands, feed, drink, and do what the mother said.
When the woman looked at him, she realized that he was her first husband.

He said, "What is it, time with you?"
Said my children did not do good to me,
The woman said: Why did you treat your parents badly.
I knew on that day that you do not pay your parents' rights.
That's why I'm afraid tomorrow will be the same for me.
Look where I am today and where you are!

Bad behavior with parents is disobedience to God. If we want to live with our old age, then treat our parents well, because it is a process that is rewarded in the world, whether good or bad.
May Allaah help us all to act.


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