Bitcoin sentiment - Fear and Greed index - Swing failure

in #estonialast year (edited)

Another day where everybody is calling for lower lows. I'm constantly seeing crazy price predictions for $3k bitcoin. On twitter and reddit everyone are bearish.
I think it's time for the good old play against the crowd strat. Here are just a few snippets from random crypto twitter accounts:

  • I’m not sure what all the Bitcoin bulls are so excited about. This is a textbook stop run and a takedown Monday or Tuesday likely to follow.

  • Monday dump income? $BTC

  • Ez shorts here. Rest in peace bulls $btcusd

^And those examples are just a small piece out of all those bearish tweets.^

Another thing that keeps me from being bearish is the Greed & Fear index.

Be greedy when others are fearful.

And to end this post a beautiful SFP on the 3hour chart.

If my predictions play out - I'll take it.
If my predictions don't play out - It's good to look back to how stupid I was.


paar kuud veel sideways

võiks ikka up

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