Building crib/ Day 2 and 3

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Hey, so me, @tsnaks, @sow and @yarikuzo decided to build ourselves a little hut/crib, where we can enjoy our summer.

In day 2, we made construction to the floor, where we can put floor tiles. Also we put wool to the walls.
Here´s the pictures of day 2.

*Photo taken by @sow

In day 3 we put the penoplast to the floor construction, and then installed floor tiles. That´s all. But it took very much time to saw all the tiles and penoplast to the right dimensions.

In this picture me and @yarikuzo marked up the right dimensions to the penoplast.

In this picture all( not really) the penoplast have installed.

In this picture 1/2 of the floor is installed with floor tiles.

In this picture all the floor is installed.

Basically that´s all, what we have achived with 3 days.

Thank you for reading this post!
Next posts of this crib are coming :)


Starting to look more and more like it. Anybody helping/tutoring you or are you just doing it on your own?

We got a little help from a professional, but mostly we did it by ourselves.

ye, my dad helped to install the door.