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AirPod Sleeping Pod is a really great project. What do I propose with simplicity now? What are the objectives? And other things.

They have a good idea of ??what they mean, they are AirPod Sleeping Podit is a small private room that can be put in open spaces, such as airports, railway stations, and shopping malls. It often leads to common goals and allows people to relax. In the places mentioned above, people cannot be interested.But their way through the AirPod Sleeping Pod project is to make people think and do everything they want according to their needs, and it's one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in this project.

The primary objective of this project is to provide the best service to the people. They have it defined in this definition, "AirPod is a cabinet designed to give a private place to a person who can afford either personal or personal recreation." They have defined this.

**** Features of AirPod

Let's see what features are available in their project,

Now we know that their ultimate goal is to allow freedom to protect their personality without any influence. Let's see how they took the steps and features they took for it, One of these features is to protect people from the privacy of their loved ones and to create a free environment for them to go to sleep or work.There are many other features we have been given through this project. Especially for those who make AirPod users an advantage

  1. Internal air conditioning moderate internal temperature.
  2. You have set up a high-speed Wi-Fi connection to surf the Internet without any impact.
  3. You have been enabled to use your mobile device or laptop on your personal work while in public places.
  4. They also have a touch screen to get the information you need while traveling to the airfield.
  5. You can use the monitor to access the site and find the location near you.

**** AirPod project Stages

They have created a timetable for their project. They have already completed some of the stages successfully, let's see what it's like,

  1. Create the first AirPod model
  2. Mockup
  3. Redesign
  4. Pre-production Prototype: IN PROCESS - Delivered before ICO Crowd sale
  5. Final product: TO BE DELIVERED

STAGE 1: Grow distribution and customer base
STAGE 1.1: The Platform - Decentralized Application Platform (DApp)
Using Blockchain Technology and Tokenization

STAGE 2: Token to *Sponsorship Program Transition

**** About the AirPod Token,

The Token released by AirPod is called APOD. The word AirPod means renting. They have said that we can use this APOD token to rent our airbag at the public airport. By using the APOD token, we can be a client at AirPod. This company is constantly planning to make the AirPod platform a self-sufficient economy.In order to receive this Token, they will be sent to APOD Token for online transfers. They will sell 50% of Token's Token at the current market price. The amount of tokens purchased is used to cover the development costs. The remaining Token is sold at 50% ETH and BTC platforms.

**** Token Distribution,

In the pre-sale up to 140.000.000 APOD will be released for the general public to purchase.In the first phase, it will generate $ 11.3 million. The minimum investment you can deploy for this is 1 ETH and permits users to invest at a maximum of 300 ETH in one single time

**** AirPod Bounty

They have already started a Bounty Campaign, I'm already connected to it and are doing work, it's a very special process. You can participate in seven Campaigns,

Through this LINK you can connect to their Bounty campaign. ( https://bountyhive.io/browse/AirPod )

**** Team,

A really nice team in here. They are very professional and more experienced. I'm pretty sure this one become a huge one.

You can find more details about this project using these link given below and their whitelist is open, https://air-pod.io/kyc-form/

telegram: https://t.me/airpodsleepingpodproject

Twitter : https://twitter.com/airpod_project

Website : https://air-pod.io/

Bountry :https://t.me/airpodsleepingpodproject

Face book:https://www.facebook.com/airpodsleepingpod/

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkVJhqK2gyDNuQBgkDdPi0A

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/27147543/

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/Airpod_Sleeping_Pod/

whitepaper : http://air-pod.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/AirPod_Whitepaper_A4.pdf

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1382071

MY Telegram Username - @PoddaDD


I'll follow this project because I believe it will be the best in the future. Keep up the good work

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amazing project with a great team.this project have a huge potential

It is evident that the project has a team of professionals who know their job,who wants to succeed in this life,I advise you to further explore this company!

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I will closely monitor this, a strong team! I think that in the near future this project is waiting for unprecedented growth!

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