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What we have imagined and dreamed so far, we can buy what we have dreamed of, such as luxury houses and luxury cars with Blockchain technology. Imagine the rapid development of Blockchain technology. Everything is using this technology. One of them is VIVA. VIVA is a company that provides real estate and loan services using Blockchain technology systems through a smart agreement. VIVA's financial system uses intelligent contract technology to connect home buyers, to introduce free markets, You do not have to depend on financial support and buy your dream house.

The VIVA token is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It designed to provide utilities within The Viva Network Platform's proprietary application. VIVA will initially distribute more bonuses, those who invested early on them. They promised it from their Whitepaper.

Generate hard cap event tokens: 3,000,000,000 VIVA tokens

Pre-sale: Hard stamp ETH: 6,870 ETH
Pre-Sale Round 1:
Bonus tokens: 40%
ETH lifts the hard cap: 500 ETH
Pre-Sale Round 2
Bonus tokens: 35%
Hard stamping on ETH: 2,570 ETH
Pre-Sale Round 3
Bonus tokens: 30%
ETH released hard stamp: 6,870 ETH

1 May 2016

  • The creation of early ideas -
    Take advantage of block-chain-based technology
    Global Investors
    private mortgage.

2 June 2017

  • Initial Software Teaming
    *Prototyping and exploring Ethereum
    Identifiable wider block chain ecosystem
    Suitable core technology.

3 July 2017

  • Viva Platform's advanced service-oriented architecture planning.

4 August 2017

  • Broad feasibility analysis of exploratory data

5 November 2017

  • House valuation, geographic information, and other housing data for algorithm analysis released MVP in test market location.
    *Real Value 1.0 Home Development Value-based evaluation algorithm proposed residential real estate development in a test market location.

6 Q1 & Q2 2018

  • Generation Token Event and MVP development started. Start large-scale marketing campaign.

7 Q3 2018

  • Develop the application (Real value 2.0)

8 Q4 2018

  • Launch previously developed application.
  • Completion of proprietary ML algorithm.

9 Q1 2019

  • Launch phase-out of Viva network platform

10 Q2 2019

  • Successful crowdfund first housing loan loan through VIVA network platform and VIVA mortgage financing system.

From the point of my pixel, I think this Housing and real state loan, smart project will get great popularity and It will achieve it's targets easily. Because already, there are Big named investors get engaged with VIVA Network project. So, I would like to invite all of you to join up with this successful project.



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Author's telegram username : @PoddaDD


That's true. This is really good project. I love it.

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