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Let's see What is BlockShipping?

What is this BlockShipping Now, I'm going to explain that... According to all data, the value of the container shipping industry around the world is $ 12 trillion in the past year ... but we find that there are a lot of problems at that time, Many problems have been encountered in the past few years, such as overcapacity, low-interest rates, and other environmental regulations. Accordingly, a remedy should be found to address these issues with modern technology. In order to tackle these issues, this is a platform that is known as the BlockShipping Global Partnership Container Platform (GSCP).

The project BlockShipping has provided the highest maritime technology for technology solutions, marine safety equipment and environmental performance and service. It provides solutions to a large number of issues that are constantly rising. In Denmark, two cars have been designed and installed by more than 70% of hybrid engines. The top-end goal of obtaining a top position in Denmark is block-chain technology.

About 60% of the world's total contributed to this container shipping business. This industry is an extremely valuable industry. However, this industry has been repulsed due to certain irregularities that have been going on in the industry for many years. By bringing a solution to them - they are introducing the project.

Let's look at the features and process of this Global Shared Container Project.

They say these issues will be addressed by the global shipping container shipping container project (GSCP) called technology. It has effectively planned to convert key activities in global containers and they can see that several of the major issues pertaining to the container shipping industry can be solved through GSCP technology ...

The Global Shared Container(GSCP) platform is the first containerized containerization registry system that is a global container pool and will be registered at the actual containers of each individual container. The Global Partnership Project (GSCP) project, a million unit of Global Container Container (GSCP) Container Unit, is targeted at 60% of the market coverage for a three-year period.

We find this a tremendous and timely process, it provides solutions to many problems and the use of modern technology makes it easy to make all the work easier.

About the Blockshipping project technology

Their platform is completely based on blockchain technology. This technology makes it easy to get the precise location at almost every container across the globe. Another feature of this technology is that Blockchain technology is available in full transparency. This is a very valuable thing.

About the Block-Shipping ICO

You know, this is the Block-Shipping company, the first company to establish the basic coin supply of the shipping line, ie, the ICO. The Global Joint Vessel Project (GSCP) has released two tokens. That is,

  1. Container Platform Token (CPT)

  2. Container Crypto Coin (CCC)

    ICO is issued on Ethereum global blockchain. These tokens will be used internally for the transfer fee of the Container Platform Token (CPT), while the US dollar will also receive the same amount. Various charges and services will be settled for the transaction, including charge collection, freight exchange rates, depots and terminal operating costs. The Global Shared container project (GSCP) platform will be a revenue percentage. This concept is a fresh example for sharing income. Container Crypto Coin will provide funds from the Revenue Distribution Pool on a short-term and long-term basis.

Let's see if this Blockshipping project is going to work? Can we benefit from it? Is this a Unique Project?

This is a very timely project. It's a sophisticated strategy and an alternative method of funds. Also a unique and valuable financial model against the traditional currency model. In fact, this is a novel project. A major part of the project is funded without losing control and not entitled. Block shipping is one of the best options to invest in boosting the returns of high returns for investments by investors. If you are looking to invest in a trustworthy company. You are in the right place, the Blockshipping Project is a huge and trusted project.

You can definitely get hands-on benefits here. If you need to rely on some kind of rewards, it's a great opportunity for you to take this opportunity. Personally, I checked out the Blockshipping Project. An excellent design and introduction.I approve of this project and I invite you to invest in this Blockshipping project ... especially they provide a safer and easier platform for investment for your convenience. Now your turn. I request you to invest and invest here. Surely, I will invest here.

Blockshipping ICO details::::::::

Start date:14 May 2018
End date: 14th June 2018
Token: Container Crypto Coin (CCC)
Platform: Ethereum ERC-20
Price: Fixed at $0.62 per CCC throughout the token sale
Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC
Minimum investment: $100 equivalent

Token Distribution

Funding Breakdown


Q1 2018

  • Platform Design/Prototyping
  • Blockchain Platform Selection
  • Smart Contracts Design

Q2 2018

  • Platform Design/iPaaS Integration
  • Smart Contracts Development
  • Platform Implementation
  • Data Population

Q3 2018

  • Smart Contracts development
  • Mapping of Customer EDI
  • data migration
  • Soft Launch

Q4 2018

  • Data Migration
  • Training/Preparation

Q1 2019

  • Cut-over
  • Hyper Care/Transition

Blockshipping ICO team

  1. Peter Ludvigsen - CEO & Founder
  2. Christian Gyntelberg - COO
  3. Jesper Vedelsby - CTO
  4. Franck J. Kayser
  5. David Green
  6. Rasmus Dalbøge - UX Designer

The Blockshipping board & advisors

  1. Jesper Præstensgaard
  2. Bo Hembæk Svensson
  3. Bridget Cosgrave And etc...

You know, there were a group of very talented professionals in the project. All of them together, I'm going to the project and they are organizing the ICO.
All members of the team are excellent members of the container ship industry, a specialist in the field of electronics, as well as lawyers from KYC. There are also very skilled advisory groups in this project.

My personal opinion is that this all-in-one project is definitely a very successful project.

More Info about Blockshipping project,

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And By the way, You can get an idea of this through their two videos.


Great project and it has great potential for development. I Believe in this project and to the team, they are seriously taking every step to make it a successful ICO.

Block-shipping is the first company to launch the shipping related Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the Nordic region. great articel

Thank you for clear explanation about Blockshipping. That's a gem.Don't miss to invest.