#ETHDenver First Time Experience As An Artist

in #ethdenverlast year (edited)

#EthDenver last weekend was such a unique experience!
I learned so much more about the Crypto world during this conference, especially with the Cryptoart scene! It fascinates me how passionate these people are about the creative aspect of technology and taking it to the next level.

I helped my friend Annie Phillps with her gallery space, she had some artwork from some of my favorite artists which I included in some of the photos below, including Beeple. An auction was held during the entire weekend and ended at night the final night; they made around 32 Ethereum. The artists got to choose which percentage they kept for themselves on sales, and the rest went to a local books for children charity.

I learned about #Cryptovoxels world and the strange and super interesting collectible digital artwork that exists. I'm super excited to tap into this world. Actually the entire 6th level of the building where this conference was held, was my absolute favorite space, the "MakerSpace". WOW. There was a glowing pink room where a temple/church-like space was created and held - not religious but definitely heavily paying homage to Cryptoart and the crypto world like a religion. I painted for the first time with VR goggles on, using Tilt Brush, it was the coolest ever; I created a fiery vibrating doorway (more like a portal) that I walked through. Played DDR with new friends and other fun games. I learned more about Cryptoart and different platforms to use to sell my work on for Crypto. It's all super exciting to me and honestly I feel like I'm just scratching the surface!

I will get more into details and share how these platforms work and how they are doing as I get more into them. Thanks for tuning in!












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