$32 Million stolen from Ethereum.. 3rd Heist in 20 Days

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An unknown hacker has just stolen about 32 million dollars of Ethereum - one of the most popular and most more and more precious cryptocurrences - accounts of wallet Ethereum bound to at least three companies which seem to have been pirated. It is the third case of cryptographic crisis Ethereum that went out Two days after one claimed hacker stole 7,4 million dollars of Ether of the platform of negotiation CoinDash and two weeks after an unknown intruder pirated the South Korean exchange of crypto-currency Bithumb and flew more than 1 million dollars in Ether and Bitcoins from accounts of users. On Wednesday, intelligent contract The company of coding Parity emitted an alert of safety, the warning of a critical vulnerability in Parity’s Ethereum Wallet software, which is described as “the fastest and most secure way of interacting with the Ethereum network.”Exploiting the vulnerability allowed attackers to compromise at least three accounts and steal nearly 153,000 units of Ether worth just almost US$32 million at the current price.

The attack began on Tuesday evening and continued on Wednesday, what gave rise to three operations, what can be seen on Etherscan.io. Three victims of the attack identified are:
Parity says that the vulnerability affected the contract used to create wallets Ethereum at multiple signature in Parity version 1.5 or later, by preventing their users to move their Ether of their wallets in a browser towards more secure accounts immediately.
The Group of the white pirates holds 75 million dollars of Ethereum.

Yes, 377 000 others Ether at more than 75 million dollars were also drained by white pirates. As the attack began, a group of white pirates used the same exploit to drain approximately 377 000 Ether of the other vulnerable wallets to contain accounts to protect them from The black pirates, the reports of Coindesk. White hats holds at present the rescued funds and promised to return funds to their owners when this threat of security was adopted.
" The group White Hat was made sensitive in a vulnerability in a specific version of a contract multisig usually used. This vulnerability was commonplace to execute, thus they took the necessary measures to drain all the vulnerable multisigibles.

" We are going to create another multisig for you which has the same parameters as your old multisig but with the eliminated vulnerability and we shall return you your funds ".
The company has just published a version software update Parity which corrects the vulnerability.

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These people don't have the fear of God. How on earth can one steal someone else's money and still live with it?

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