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ApolloX is a solution for setting up decentralized e-commerce products and solutions on the Blockchain with a large number of existing members and mainstream adoption. The purpose of the corporation is to produce surroundings with trust, transparency as well as data ownership which has a minimum amount of charges linked to it. Their objective is furthermore to disrupt the existing online marketplace environment and turn out to be vendors first preference of online channels worldwide, especially fresh suppliers with cross-border marketing requirements. ApolloX can utilize tokenization as well as decentralization to replace today’s rent-seeking business with a completely new form of complete searching protection, data protection and also minimum commissions. Existing market segments or shops are also able to choose to shift their business to ApolloX platform to decrease fees, enhance consumer acquisitions and much better brand identification.

What is Apollox

The introduction of Blockchain technology leads to an innovative system and concept for businesses. The surge of e-commerce marketing within the last two decades has resulted into the appearance of massive internet shopping firms for example Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. Nevertheless, the centralized characteristic of this sector has produced concerns of unfair rates, hidden costs, information misuse and more. The difficulties that the e-commerce marketplace is dealing with are based upon their centralized structure.

The developers of the organization actually are convinced that a decentralized industry is the suitable option for the future of e-commerce just because it can easily eliminate most of the problems that this venture is presently struggling with. They developed an e-commerce protocol to permit real-world e-commerce services functioning on the Blockchain.

Probably the major issues that the decentralization has the ability to fix are that you no more have to “trust” the merchant since this is a completely new trustless program. Rather than depending on the entire organization to retain trust between buyers and sellers, the implementation and the usage of ApolloX protocols mean trust is going to be available through community consensus. Through the use of smart contracts along with the arbitration of the system, trust is instantly set up without the necessity for you to even be aware of who you are transacting with.

Data access is yet another concern that the platform assumes that can be fixed. Whenever the details should be accessed, a consumer is capable of doing so with their private key. ApolloX exclusively permits buyers to retrieve their browsing and purchasing activity. The team is convinced that customers need to have the right to accomplish whatever they need with their data.

With the use of a decentralized system, the company is able to actually make the charges more affordable by eliminating the middlemen with the help of Blockchain technology.


After announcing the Apollox platform more than 200 global brands and online shops became members of the Apollox platform with positive approaches. The team hopes to join with 1000 partners before the platform officially launch. The crew understands that the future of global e-commerce is decentralization. Since the decentralization enhances transparency and also provides independence, it includes everything that it requires to be successful.

Website: https://apollox.network
Whitepaper: https://apollox.network/whitepaper
Telegram: https://t.me/apolloxgroup

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