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The concept of the World Wide Web causes it to be possible to unlock massive geographical zones for delivering with the transfer of digital material almost all around the world. There are numerous online websites which are popular for exceptional sales results courtesy of expressing their valuable behavior and also overshadowing the ordinarily accepted paper versions of the implementation. But, when selling its creativity-based employee at some point, it is really not possible to track the resale of your own digital material properly.

In order to change this scenario in the marketplace of digital material is the method intent under the title Asobi Coin

What is ASOBI

Asobimo Company is a game manufacturer that builds and manages its own company. It is actually Japan’s best-known MMORPG supplier with hundreds of thousands of consumers and 10 titles. This new venture produces a decentralized solution marketplace for the execution of secondary digital content, where the owner can guarantee the satisfaction of the authority to own it, and the first author is able to track on each purchase for money and manage it instantly with digital tokens. Massively multiplayer online games where an incredibly a lot of players connect with each other within a virtual world. With the obtained expertise in mobile MMORPG creation, the team is setting out to develop a new sort of “Asobi” that revolutionizes the online video gaming marketplace with the aid of Blockchain technology in-game.

Earlier, in the conventional structured model for the first copiers for authors, there was a problem and a lowering of profits, after that the Asobi market develops an elementary for their excellent balanced ecosystem where the second duplicating contestant already is a distributor and delivers more money for every implementation. This really is an excellent product advertising method that still eradicates valid arguments for cheating and falsifying materials so that reducing the commission to a minimum so that making the payment straight away.

ICO of Asobi

Asobi has started an ICO. Sooner or later, before the game is released, consumers will have the chance to invest in an in-game currency at a lower value in the expectations that it would rise in value significantly or pay itself along as soon as the game has introduced. This kind of currency tends to be generally utilized to buy exceptional in-game items bound to the currency, purchase other stuff that might typically cost a fortune, or increase player growth in some manner.

The token symbol is ABX and the platform is Ethereum with ERC20 protocol. Price of one token will be 1 JPY. The investors can receive a bonus of 25% during the pre-sale. The soft cap amount is 550,000,000 JPY and the hard cap is 5,500,000,000 JPY. The team will release 8,250,000,000 tokens for sale.

Token symbol: ABX
Value of one token: 1 JPY
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Soft cap: 550,000,000 JPY
Hard cap: 5,500,000,000 JPY

Project team

Project Advisors


The gaming marketplace tends to be probably the most forward-leaning technology and they are performing so with the adoption of Blockchain too. This enthusiastic idea has come to the company of Asobimo, that has been operating since 2003 and is a growing online game expert that is being actively sold for sale in Google Play, the quantity of downloads is more than 50 million. The Tokyo-based Corporation has stated it is actually combining its decade-long working experience in building mobile MMORPGs with Blockchain technology to make a smart way to play.