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What is Bixtrim?

Bixtrim is a revolutionary crypto exchange platform that provides less complicated accessibility to suit your needs and it allows an easy access for everyone. The team is at Bixtrim, believe that every person needs to have a method that allows uncomplicated and fast access to the crypto-finance service, which is why their team has developed a system which helps to get rid of the most current frustrating problems in the crypto industry and the team want their customers to be a part of it. More especially this is based on modern Blockchain technology and the platform works as a multi-functional platform that allows users to use all the necessary cryptocurrency related features, products and services in one place.

Within the past few years, the cryptocurrency industry achieved a huge success. To help the progress of the crypto industry a good functional infrastructure is needed. But in the current system, we can see lots of issues and obstacles those really need to be solved. This is the situation where the team of Bixtrim has come with an innovative and revolutionary idea to eliminate those problems in the current system.

The products of Bixtrim

  • Crypto Pawnshop

This is a new idea and if a cryptocurrency owner needs money then he can pawn his coins instead of making money by selling those. After a desired period of time then they can get the pawned assets back after paying off the commitment. This will be a good opportunity to the cryptocurrency owners.

  • Future contracts

A futures contract is a legitimate binding agreement to sell or buy a certain commodity or asset at a fixed rate at a given time in the future. Now the Bixtrim platform supports the future contracts and every user of the platform will be able to use this feature very easily.

  • Debit Card

The plastic debit card of the Bixtrim which is linked directly to the Bixtrim coin and other cryptocurrencies makes it easy to the users to spend your coins anywhere around the world as they wish at the places where the debit cards are accepted as a payment method. The main advantage of the Bixtrim debit card is, it will directly convert the coins to fiat in real time at the current price.

  • Escrow future

When a transaction is made with Bixtrim coins the system guarantees the protection of the deal. This feature will assure that both parties are satisfied with the transaction. For an example if a person buy a vehicle from abroad and he is not sure that he will receive the vehicle as it is described. With the Escrow feature of the Bixtrim, the principal (A randomly chosen principal, predetermined principal or a third party) will be responsible for checking the vehicle before it arrives and decides it is in a situation that it has been described.

Tokens and its value

Bixtrim uses BXM tokens inside the platform for the transactions on the network. It is an Ethereum Blockchain based ERC20 standard token. Below you can find the token price and ICO details.

Token symbol - BXM
Platform - Ethereum, ERC20
Token price - 0.4 - 1.00 USD
Soft cap amount - 6,000,000 USD
Hard cap amount - 51,000,000 USD
Accepted methods for ICO - BTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat
KYC - Yes

Bixtrim is a place where it provides less complicated and easy access to the amazing world of crypto.

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