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With the rise of the Blockchain technology and the popularity of cryptocurrencies, more people are now engaging in the crypto industry. But the main problem they are having is the lack of a simple to use crypto exchanging platform. Being less complicated will allow the people to use their cryptocurrencies in their day to day life. But as you know almost all crypto exchanging platforms are a little bit complex and hard to use. As the growth of the cryptocurrency technology, the people needed a platform that is easy to use, less complicated and accessible to everyone.


To fill this gap a team formed a platform called “Bixtrim”. It is a less complicated and easy to use platform that allows the people a fast access to the crypto world. The mission of the team at Bixtrim is to provide the crypto related services to each and every people without limiting the taste of the cryptocurrencies to only professionals. If the cryptocurrencies are not accessible for the daily uses of the people, then most of the time those cryptos will become useless. With the Bixtrim platform now the people have the chance to use their cryptocurrencies for their daily activities.

The Bixtrim will give the solutions for the below problems.

Problem - Slow or Delayed cash-out rate

Recently the cash-out rate is very slow with almost all the cryptocurrency exchanges. Sometimes it may take several business days to complete the withdrawal process. If a user needs quick money then he will not able to get it through the conventional systems.


Bixtrim gives a solution to this problem by joining one of the leading microfinance organization established in Georgia. The users will be able to instantly cash-out their cryptocurrencies at their cash desk. Also to make the instant transfers possible, the Bixtrim platform will use accounts in various banks.

Problem - Possible profit losses for the crypto owners

Crypto market is growing very fast and the everyday price keeps changing. If a user wants money for his daily usages then he will have to exchange his crypto into fiat. But that leads to some potential future losses as the crypto can grow in value in the future.


By introducing a crypto pawning service now the crypto owners don’t need to sell their coins to get fiat currencies. Instead of that, they can simply pawn their coins for some period of time to get fiat money and after paying the commitment they can receive their coins again.

Problem - No future contracts

The existing platforms don’t support for the future contracts and that prevent some brokers from entering into the crypto world.


Bixtrim allows future contracts now and the users can enjoy the feature on the platform

Problem - Slow transaction speed

The transaction speed of the existing exchanges is very slow. Sometimes it takes days to transfer crypto from one wallet to another. This is a great barrier to the growth of the cryptocurrencies.


Bixtrim’s coin has the ability to make the transaction at the speed of 100,000 transactions per second. Also it will connect the crypto market and the retails market.

Additionally, the Bixtrim platform offers more solutions to the existing problems in the crypto world. By going to their whitepaper you can learn more about their solutions.

Token details

BXM is the token symbol that is going to be used inside the platform. Ethereum Blockchain has been used to develop this token and this is an ERC 20 standard coin. Token price during the ICO is $1 per token. The soft cap amount is 6,000,000 USD and the Hardcap amount is 51,000,000.

Last word

Bixtrim is here to provide crypto users a convenient, less complicated and easy to use service.


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