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Buddy is a Blockchain based application that has been built to solve the problems in all IT related organizations. Recently building applications is a time-consuming work that needs to pay 24/7 attention sometimes. But if we have a system to automate the process then it will be a huge advantage to the industry. The project Buddy wants to eliminate these conventional problems by introducing innovative solutions.

What is buddy?

Buddy is a distributed ledger technology based decentralized platform that has been built to automate the application development process and the Buddy has partnered with well famous companies like Google, Amazon, Docker, Github, and Microsoft. Recently more than 7000 developers are using the Buddy across 120+ countries all over the world. The objective of the Buddy is to give them enough time for app builders to be creative by offloading all tasks that can be automated.

There are several types of value and benefits can be seen in the Buddy platform. Below you can find what those are.

  • For App developers
    Buddy provides instant access to thousands of developers and it will allow the developers to develop the apps much easier and smarter than before. Lower cost of app marketing and delivery will encourage the developers.

  • For End-users
    The simplified workflow is the main advantage for the end users. In addition to this, requiring fewer tools, low-cost easy access to experts, quick access to services more results with less work and many more can be mentioned as other benefits of the Buddy for end users.

  • For Experts/ Consultants/ Auditors
    As the end users and app developers are having, all these people can enjoy the services of Buddy like lower cost, instant access to thousands of developers, recognition and many more.

  • For the Blockchain community
    This is an open source product which means anyone can use it for free.

ICO and the token details

The token symbol is BUD and it is an Ethereum platform based ERC20 protocol token. The team has released 470 million BUD tokens for crowdsale and the initial price of one token is 0.1USD. The hard cap amount of the project is 30 million USD. At the moment when I publish this article, according to the official website, currently, the private sale stage is ongoing. We can see a strong token economy with 15 use cases for the token. The token will bring together experts, developers and end users in one place. Below you can see a summary of these token details.

Token: BUD
Price: 0.1 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Hard cap: 30 million USD

This is a genuine project. Recently well known and reputed brands are already using the Buddy for automating their application development processes. Some of them are Inc. Magazine, CGI, Flow, Anki, Docplanner and many more.


A highly qualified set of people is currently working for Buddy. You can see all the details of the members by following their LinkedIn profiles.

Community and Media

This is the strongest part of the Buddy project. They had to open two telegram channels due to the high demand for the project. In the main channel there are over 87K members exists and in the other channel, we can see 6K members. The official Twitter page is being followed by 44.9K followers. They keep all the social media pages including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn up to date by publishing the most recent details related to the project. At the end of this article, you can see all the links related to this project.


Buddy is a platform developed by developers for the benefits of developers. Already the platform has ready-made solutions from the industry giants. All the partners and customers are well-respected brands around the world. By going to their whitepaper you can get a clear picture of the project.

Project related links
Website: https://token.buddy.works/
Whitepaper - https://files.buddy.works/ico/BuddyWhitepaper.pdf
ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3798597
Telegram - https://t.me/buddytoken

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