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Primarily Buddy is a decentralized app development platform that can be used to automate the app development process for developers developed by developers. They provide the App building system and make it faster and easier for builders and business firms to scale their software by letting them acquire effective outcomes without having to separately develop a separate system that will cost both time and money. With a powerful use case and added capability to evolve into a prominent competitor in a multi-million dollar industry, Buddy is a guaranteeing ICO which in all prospects might turn out to be a trendy preference of developers and professionals throughout the world. With recently, over 7000 customers all across the globe along with several prominent titles such as INC magazine and also Docplanner, seasoned industry professionals leading an excellent performance driven workforce, together with detailed planning and presentation, this ICO receives maximum marks on trustworthiness, roadmap, and team. Buddy ICO already is preferred by the majority of ICO analysis sites and discussion boards providing it an authentic positive review for all the exactly right aspects. Buddy platform provides a devoted answer to the problem for Blockchain programmers and Blockchain projects typically.

What is Buddy all about?

Buddy is simply a decentralized system for programmers through which they assist them with creating and deploying application and programs. They have actually made it less difficult for developers by doing the over-all procedure automated with a number of characteristics which are designer favorable which include 80 carefully designed automation routines that assist consumers to build and deploy software. This will assist the businesses and organizations in operating much more effectively letting developers develop and improve customized apps with superior ease and that makes it scalable. Simply, Buddy is a system that is certainly all about productively empowering development and deployment of apps.

The background

Buddy platform is engineered by a group that became together years ago in 2007 when bootstrapping Springloops , a subversion hosting solution with deployment instruments for web developers. Afterward, in 2015, the group started setting up the Buddy solution. When it comes to 2016 Buddy had already combined with prominent business brands such as Google, Github, and also Microsoft. The venture ended up being almost an instant hit among developers and from 2017 the group seems to be providing regular updates.

Marketplace partners

Trusted customers

Why Buddy?

  • Perfect for Programmers and Professionals because the solution definitely makes their tasks a lot easier.

  • The roadmap is very clear and the whitepaper and the planning are very detailed ones.

  • Massive business expected to be 113 billion yearly and for that reason the growth possibilities are great.

  • An extremely sturdy group of industry professionals with an already established platform making revenue.

  • Already partnered with industry giants like Google, Github, and Microsoft.

  • The open and decentralized industry has additionally the opportunities to make Buddy solution an instant favorite of developers all over the world.


Buddy is an absolutely working system already prominent and being utilized by leading trademarks such as INC magazine. The ICO is more relating to escalating capital to improve the capability of the Buddy platform making a reliable and tested idea much greater achievements. The project’s marketplace makes it possible the project to intensify in many dimensions. Buddy ICO is obviously a high quality ICO that will actually attract both crypto admirers as well as experienced crypto investors.

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Telegram - https://t.me/buddytoken

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