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Cryptocurrency industry and problems

In these days, the cryptocurrency industry turns into increasingly popular , but lots of people continue to reject it because of the extreme risks potentially they are intended to along with other factors for example shortage of regulations behave like entrance limitations for companies, challenges in changing cryptocurrencies to fiat, insufficient amount of banking services and so on. However regularly, on cryptocurrency industry emerges new projects, each of those has the ability to address a problem.

Neluns is that kind of a revolutionary financial ecosystem, merging cryptocurrency together with cryptocurrency exchange as well as Insurance Company, setting up the conditions for forming the quality of the crypto market.

Project Neluns

To fix existing issues such as decreasing cryptocurrency in regular use, the possibilities of market players, it truly is required for a revolutionary and extensive solution. The intention of the Neluns is to integrate the cryptocurrency market with the financial market. Neluns is the advanced financial atmosphere, which combines a bank that is going to work with both fiat and crypto. As well, it is going to put in itself a cryptocurrency exchange and insurance company, producing the perfect situation for the quality expansion of the cryptocurrency market. Moreover, Neluns is designed to breake down many boundaries in order to eliminate a number of major issues which are existing today and disallow the connections of the human with cryptocurrency industry.

Features of Neluns

  • Neluns Bank is the achievement of tomorrow’s bank capabilities that effortlessly deals with equally the fiat and cryptocurrencies.

  • Neluns Exchange is the system engineered utilizing the advanced technologies to maximize the security as well as quickness of the cryptocurrency trade operations procedure.

  • Neluns Insurance section of the project would come in useful to insure all or perhaps a part of the user transactions within the platform.

A few benefits of Neluns

  • Impressive technologies guarantee an uncomplicated as well as speedy exchanging of cryptocurrencies regardless of the peak loads and also Cryptocurrencies trade processes are carried out with a few steps.

  • Clients gain access to four categories of debit or credit cards called Lite, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

  • Worldwide funds transfers could be sent and received within the platform.

  • Clients are able to gain access to loans in cryptocurrency or fiat in the Neluns financial platform.

  • The lending system will operate at the basis of Neluns Bank and verified clients have the ability to make use of this facility to earn profits by lending funds.

  • Established and active customers get higher coverage as well as other numerous advantages of the platform.

  • Trade NLS tokens on selected cryptocurrency exchanges and obtain revenue.

  • Clients receive an opportunity to open up an individual or business multicurrency IBAN account.

  • Funds withdrawal and deposits can be performed from everywhere via the mobile App

Neluns presents iOS mobile application

Token details and the advantages of using the tokens

Token symbol is NLS and the platform is Ethereum. This is an ERC20 protocol token. The team has planned to release 200,000,000 tokens during the ICO with the value of 1 USD per token. The hard cap of the project is 112,000,000 USD.

Token symbol: NLS
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
ICO price: 1NLS=1 USD
Hard cap: 112,000,000 USD

Funds distribution chart

The NLS token holders will have below benefits.

  • The token holders will be rewarded with additional bonuses for using the platform.

  • Half of the profits generated by the Neluns ecosystem will be distributed among the NLS token holders according to the token amount they are holding.

  • After listing on major exchanges simple conversions at appealing rates and the liquidity of the NLS tokens will be guaranteed.

  • As the capitalization of the platform grows the token value will grow and it will be helpful for token holders to get additional profits for holding their tokens.

  • The team hopes that the price of one NLS token will reach $1200 by 2021.

  • Issuing tokens will happen only during the ICO and they have not planned anything about additional tokens emissions apart from that.

Bonus structure of the ICO

Expected price growth of the NLS token

Team of the Neluns

The team of the project Neluns consists of highly qualified, experienced and seasoned people in the industries such as Banking, Business development, Big data, Blockchain technology, Software and Hardware Engineering, and marketing. There is no doubt about the qualification of them. Years spanning experiences of them have helped a lot to make the platform a perfect one. Below image shows the images of the core team of the project Neluns.

The project roadmap

The team has given a well detailed and completed roadmap clearly describing the expectations of the project such as what they are hoping to perform in each month. Below image will show you the roadmap of the project Neluns.


The Neluns workforce perspective concentrates on developing the cutting edge all in one financial atmosphere intended to provide the capability of a bank, an insurance company together with currency exchange. The above-mentioned systems are going to be seamlessly blended and will equally assist transactions with crypto or fiat money leading customers experience to the next level. Because of all the three components are part of the Neluns team it would be possible to maintain the charges quite affordable compared with the traditional set up where all systems belong to several proprietors producing unanticipated costs for the customers.

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