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Connecting right jobs with best matches talents so that to achieve the success of every Blockchain project is the main goal of the project Payperblock.

The Payperblock platform is a decentralized Blockchain based freelancing platform that offers a transparent and fair service to all the users at the lowest possible fees. The primary and basic customers of the platform will be freelancers with Blockchain knowledge and the organizations who are seeking for experienced and talented persons for their projects. The freelancers who join this platform will have the highest possible chances to find a perfectly matched job for their talent. The Payperblock business currently starts from Finland as the headquarter is based on OULU, Finland, and in the future, they are hoping to expand the project all over the world as the business model allows expansion to the worldwide business market.

Why we need a Blockchain based decentralized system?

Before discussing this topic let’s try to find out what are the issues that we can see in the conventional centralized systems.

Issues in the current system

Freelancing is the most growing industry in the world now. Lots of people are now joining freelancing platforms seeking jobs all over the world instead of doing regular jobs. Recently almost all the freelancing platforms run as centralized systems. In these traditional centralized systems, we can see lots of issues. The main issue is being centralized systems those existing organizations raise concerns among freelancers about the trust and the transparency. The system is being controlled by a centralized team and they can change their rules, terms and conditions, policies at any time they want without notifying the freelancers. Payment issues, receiving unacceptable negative reviews from the customers even the job is done perfectly, the high amount of service fees are some other disadvantages of the conventional centralized systems.

Solutions with Blockchain based decentralized system

The Payperblock is a completely decentralized Blockchain based system. So the transparency is natively there. Unlike the conventional centralized freelancing platforms, in here all the decision-making processes are done by the community members who hold the Payperblock tokens. As a result fairness in decision making is improved considerably of the Payperblock freelancing platform. For an example, if the system needs to increase the service fees it has to pass the voting process of the token holders. These centralized organizations work as “open source software” which means anyone in the system can contribute to the developments of the organizations which will be a huge advantage to extract the best from all. The service fee will be the lowest in the recent industry. If the users chose PAYB (the native token of the platform) to pay the fees they will be charged only 1% and if they pay the fees using BTC the fees will be only 2%.

The vision of the Payperblock Company is to serve a most transparent, highly efficient, convenient and cost-effective Blockchain based freelancing service to the users.

Team Members

The members of the team plays a major role to make the project a successful one. Here in Payperblock you can see that the team consists with well experienced and talented people. All they have LinkedIn profile links and any person can see their details by going to their LinkedIn profiles. Also, the advisors are having a great knowledge and experiences about the Blockchain based projects and the freelancing business model.

Team Members


Community and Media

The official telegram of the Payperblock project consists with 99K+ members and the official Twitter are being followed by 16K+ followers. Those numbers are huge. Any project with that much hype will have a great chance to become a very successful one without any hesitation. More especially they have managed to keep the Twitter page up to date while some other projects are recently failing to do that. The investors and users can find all the relevant information by going to those media channels.

Token and ICO

The token symbol is PAYB and the project runs on Ethereum network. In December all PAYB token holders can swap their ERC20 protocol based tokens into PAYB coins using their own Blockchain. Below you can find some relevant details about the ICO.

Token Symbol: PAYB
Protocol: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
ICO price: 0.005 USD
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 5,000,000 USD


The Blockchain based decentralized Payperblock freelancing platform will definitely revolutionize the freelancing industry. That main goal of the project is to help the freelancers to find the best projects that match for their knowledge and skill levels while creating the links between most potential Blockchain projects and the perfect Blockchain skills.

If your Blockchain project needs well experienced and skillful freelance based Blockchain experts, the Payperblock platform is the right place to find what you are looking for.

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