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It is no doubt that the Blockchain industry will have a huge demand in the future. Already we can see that the Blockchain industry is growing day by day continuously. To understand that, more than 3.7 billions of USD has been raised through Blockchain based ICOs only in the United State during the past few years. Now you can understand that how much demand is having the Blockchain industry. Actually Blockchain related job market is the fastest growing labor market now.

Freelancing with Payperblock

Understanding the current situations, the Payperblock is going to lead the people to a smart future by connecting the people all around the world with the most suitable jobs for their talents. Unlike the other freelancing platforms, the Payperblock platform is a Blockchain based platform that is very useful for the Blockchain experts. With the help of the Payperblock platform now the Blockchain experts who are seeking for good projects can find most interesting and promising projects that match for their skill sets. Being a Blockchain industry targeted project, the main customer base for this platform will be Blockchain experts and the organizations those are seeking for the Blockchain experts.

This is a decentralized Blockchain based project. Before moving to this project let’s try to find out what are the issues that we can see in the conventional freelancing platforms.

  1. The current system is a centralized one that creates many concerns among freelancers.
  2. If the client is not much supportive, claiming for payments will be much annoying.
  3. Unacceptable negative reviews left by clients or freelancers.
  4. Freelancers cannot trust about the payments always.
  5. Uncomfortable service fees.

All above issues can be eliminated with the solutions that have been introduced by the Payperblock platform. The system is a completely decentralized and Blockchain based one. Being a Blockchain based project, the transparency is at its best. The primary goal of the Payperblock team is to introduce a totally transparent mechanism to the freelancing industry. Because they know that anyone on the platform has the equal right to know everything without hiding anything. Unlike other conventional systems, here all the clients and freelancers can access a distributed dispute resolution process. Also, the decision-making process will be done via a community-based system and it will be a fair system for both clients and freelancers. When considering the fees, the clients on the Payperblock platform will be charged a very little 1% commission when the payment is made with PAYB (the token of Payperblock) and 2% if they chose BTC as the payment method and this will be the lowest fees in the industry.

By creating an account on the Payperblock platform now you can post a job or hire freelancers.

Token sale and PAYB coin

PAYB is the symbol of the token that is going to be used on the platform. This is an ERC20 token which means the platform runs on Ethereum network. The total supply amount of the token is 10 billion. During the pre-ICO the price of one token will be 0.005 USD. The soft cap amount is 1,000,000 USD and the Hardcap amount is 5,000,000 USD.

Token distribution chart

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