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Digital assets and slow adoption rate

The world is moving fast towards the Blockchain technology and digital currencies. Last year we could see the success stories of almost all the digital coins including bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple and many more. But the main problem is still the adoption rate of the cryptocurrencies at very low levels. This is due to the complexity of the usages of digital assets for the average users. Most of the people have found some difficulties when managing their private keys, using exchanges etc. Simply the process is not a simple one yet. Another reason for the slow adoption rate is, still the people cannot use cryptocurrencies for their daily needs like spending them at shops, no any convenient way to withdraw them with ease etc.

Solutions with SIDERA

SIDERA has come with innovative solutions to overcome these problems by giving the ordinary people a chance to use their cryptocurrencies at retails point of sales using a smartwatch and a contactless smart-band. Confused? Let’s try to understand it.

SIDERA has introduced a new way of storing cryptocurrencies instead of conventional systems. It has introduced a decentralized wearable device (DWD) to store the digital assets of the users in a very safe manner. With SIDERA your funds are safe around your wrist. Your funds are fully secured and encrypted with SIDERA DWD. The device allows offline wrist-to-wrist transactions and it has some advanced functions like Entropy seed generations by moving the arm, NFC feature, crypto to fiat conversion and many more. This is a new idea of smartwatches and smart-bands called Bitsmart focused on cryptocurrencies. The main goal of these devices is to provide an easy, convenient, secure and innovative way to manage the digital assets of the users.

Now you can store your cryptocurrencies in a more secure and smart way around your wrist.

Features of the SIDERA

  • ERC20/ Bitcoin wallet
    A military grade multi-layered encryption technology allows you to store your digital assets around your wrist.

  • Wrist to wrist transaction
    Now you can send and receive funds offline with the help of the modern technology of SIDERA

  • NFC enabled
    With the help of NFC enabled SmartBit devices now you can spend your digital assets at any shop around the world

  • High security
    Even your SmartBit device is stolen now you don’t need to worry about the security of your funds due to the multi-layered security system of the device. Your funds are impossible to stolen.

  • First wrist-band type crypto wallet
    This is the first wrist-band type hardware wallet that you can use to store your digital assets and this is a Blockchain based fully decentralized system

The security system of the device

The security of the wallet is assured by a body sensor mounted under the SmartBit device. This sensor will analyze few types of signals of your body and the wallet seed will be encrypted according to those analyzed body signals. Even someone stole your SmartBit device he will not able to access your device because the sensors of the device will reject the body signals of that person and your funds in the wallet will be safe.


A well experienced and talented set of people give their service to make the project a successful one. Almost all the team members have LinkedIn profile links and any person can find more details about those people (team members) by visiting their LinkedIn profiles. Below image show who the team members are. I will not describe all the information about the each and every team member here. You can see all the details by visiting the project website or the LinkedIn profiles of those people. I will only publish the images of core team members and the advisors here.

Crowdfunding, Token distribution, and Fund allocation

The token symbol is eQUOS. The price per one token during the ICO will be 2 USD. The soft cap amount is 1,500,000 USD and the hard cap amount is 15,000,000 USD. At the moment when I publish this article, the project has met the soft cap. The total token supply amount is 51,000,000.

Token distribution

Fund allocation

Media and communication

The official telegram channel consists of a huge number of participants more than 33K. The official Twitter page is being followed by more than 7K members. Before publishing this article I checked their Twitter page and everything was up to date. At the end of this article, you can find all the relevant links to the project.


This is the first hardware wallet with military grade multi-layered security system that you can wear around your wrist. The goal of the project SIDERA is to make the cryptocurrencies very familiar to the ordinary people by introducing solutions to use digital assets in their day to day life needs. More than 33K telegram members plus more than 7K Twitter members plus reaching soft cap is equal to success.

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