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The main purpose of the project

The main purpose of creating the WPP Energy platform is to reduce the cost of the energy that is going to be produced using the natural sources such as sunlight, wind, rain to the most parts of the world by transmitting those produced data from the wholesale green energy producers from all over the world into the platform. Also, the additional energy that was created by the WPP Energy will be transmitted to the platform and it will be available to buy.

Business Model of the project

The business model of the WPP Energy project is based on 3 main categories. Those are;

1. Government projects:
WPP has signed agreements with various countries all over the world valued over more than $50 billion for the continuous production of green energy for 35 years period. The government project business model is expanding continuously and they have planned to create entire green villages and cities for living up to 200,000 people. In order to help the second and third world countries to solve their housing and energy problems, WPP has planned to deploy the most powerful and advanced technologies.

2. Two Digital platforms of the WPP Energy:
Global Green Energy Platform
In late quarter 3 of 2018, the Global Digital Platform will be deployed to capture the green energy production data from the energy producers around the world. Those green energy participants in the platform are ready to provide their created power at wholesale price to the destinations seeking clean power production all over the world at a reduced cost from conventional prices. A Blockchain based platform is to be used to power the complete system. Blockchain technology will help to maintain a transparent, secure and safe service. Being a Blockchain based service the platform will give the users a clear picture about the real cost of the green energy in front of the entire world and the buyers can select what to buy.

Exchange platform of the WPP
This platform will be released in quarter 4th of 2018 to gather a different kind of energy and the crypto mining in the current marketplace into an innovative exchange platform. This will help to increase the liquidity for all stakeholders in the platform by allowing them to trade various cryptocurrencies as we as energy.

3. Disruptive Green Energy technology solution:
The upcoming 3 main revolutionary energy technology solutions will be used to solve many problems in the traditional systems around the world.

Mobile power station of the WPP
A power station is under construction that can produce 1MW to 5.8MW per hour. This is a stand-alone power station and this only need a linked water line to operate and this can be delivered to anywhere around the world.

HHO Clean Energy conversion of polluting coal, Oil, Natural gas and Gasoline power plants
A revolutionary method is being developed by the WPP Energy to convert the existing polluting power producers into efficient and low-cost natural sources based power producers. Recently there are more than 20,000+ polluting coal, Oil, Natural gas and Gasoline power plants are actively working to produce the power for the needs of the people and those are doing a huge damage to nature. All those traditional polluting power production methods can be replaced with the WPP technology and it will be solution to clean up the industry.

HHO Home units complete Energy solution
This is a low-cost energy power supply source and the owners of these units can say “Bye” to the current overpriced company provided energy and under 2 years the owners can save the paid amount to the WPP power unit. The users will no longer receive utility bills for power from outsides.


WPP Energy project is here to solve the burning problems in the energy production industry all over the world. Being a Green Energy production system, no harm will be done to the environment and this is an eco-friendly power solution. This will be a good option for the energy crisis throughout the world. In addition to this, the WPP Energy project gives a solution to convert the existing polluting power producers into highly efficient and low-cost Green Energy producers.

Partners of the project

The WPP Energy is holding an ITO and a mobile app and a crypto card are under development. In my next article, I will give you more details about their crypto card and ITO.

Below you can find the related links to the project.

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Even I published an article about this project Since I am impressed with the project. this project shows high potential. Hope for the best.

Yeah. Green energy is the future

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