Ethereum vs EOS vs NEO vs NEM

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What are the eventual (I am also interested about the current, but to a lesser degree) annual inflation rates of each one of these?
For example in Steem case it is a theoretical (since it will probably not exist by then) 0.5%, and in Bitcoin case it is a 0%, since it has a capped quantity of 21M.

What are their transaction fees for a buyer and to a seller?
Are they due to change?

What are their respective transaction speeds?

What are their respective methods of security?
For example, Ether is a proof of stake (or delegated proof of stake? I don't know the difference), what about the others?

Am I correct that all of these enable smart contracts?
Are they different from each other in this aspect?


To my knowledge they all enable smart contracts but do have slight differences between them.

Ethereum as we know has scalability issues but currently has the most traction out of any of the currencies listed. Tons of new projects are being proposed and developed on its blockchain so it still has a ton of upside even with its foreseeable issues.

EOS promises to solve Ethereum’s scalability issues and provide the capabilty for developers to build far more advanced applications on their blockchain. Also has massive upside but still a lot to prove in the coming weeks and months.

NEM may be the most appealing because it has the lowest transaction fees and and most efficient blockchain that was built from scratch.

Neo is probably second to Ethereum ( and #1 in China) as far as the traction it has picked up since it’s inception and allows smart contracts like all the other currencies although I am not 100% clear on the major features that distinguish it from the other currencies. Does anyone else know the major differences?

Overall I personally believe that all of these currencies would be worth allocating portions of your portfolio to because they present serious upside. Besides these I’m most bullish on OMG and POWR. I would highly recommend checking them out.

EOS is separated from the pack as It Is what is Known as Infinite in all your posed questions even the fees as infinitely misrule should we be able to see........kinda like Lightning ,maybe after the thunder...hear the thunder feel the lightning.......cause i say with all spirit those that heard the thunder and have not rolled with it will feel the lightning we when it strikes in their indecisiveness of thought.

Thank You Kindly

Thank You Kindly

Are you sure? An infinite rate of inflation? not just infinite amount, but infinite speed of amount increase?
And what do you mean like lightning after the thunder?

Care to elaborate whiteflame99? Sounds deep.

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