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Often times, things don’t turn out as planned. Then there’s a few occurrences when the planned outcome is the absolute opposite of what was initially intended—social networks are the epitome of such occurrences.

Social networks were made to connect us and uplift our happiness by connecting us to those we love and enjoy the presence of. Ironically, there’s plenty of research supporting that the social networks’ outcome has been largely the opposite of what they were meant for. There’s a growing concern that social networks are becoming one of the primary causes of depression.

The outlined cause of the social network-sourced depression is that it has become a ground for vanity and an endless portrayal of a façade. Its understandable that such platforms can only lead to a depressing environment as people compete to only show a partial view of their life only to compete with others’ equivalent pursuit of putting up a false front—all to impress others. To add to this, plenty of recent findings have clarified how major social networks have developed a business model that thrives upon conflict within users.

Here’s a very good analogy of how leading social networks, particularly, Facebook, thrive on building a conflict among users. Current leading social networks profit when they can attract as many eyeballs as possible to their platforms. The best way to do so is by showing users a news feed that prickles on their nerves. When people find something that stands against what they passionately believe in, they are willing to give their time (and precious attention) to take a stand, even if it’s with some random person they’ve never met before. This is what makes people fight with others online so consistently. If you’ve caught yourself in a socio-political debate on Facebook, you’re just like every other Facebook user.

An endless quarrel with strangers and a pursuit to show off is a sum-up of what social networks have become. The problems attached with social networks are taken too lightly. Despite being a growing cause of depression, most governments have had limited interest in scrutinizing these companies. Instead, an entrepreneurial team has decided to take the direction of social networks’ future in their own hands. The result is Horyou, a social network dedicated to uplift people by promoting the sharing of the positive acts people pursue in their lives and the positive campaigns others are building.

The Alternative Social Network

Horyou has a mission aligned with what social networks were meant to be: a pursuit to value things that make us happy: a pursuit to do good.

Horyou does not sway from the social aspect as the platform is dedicated to bringing people together but its differentiated from other social networks on what it aims to build out of the network feed.

  • Instead of advocating a system where people conflict with one another, Horyou encourages the sharing of humanistic causes. People share their positive actions and witness the good others are doing. Horyou calls this an approach to “Connect for Good.”

  • While the standard social network feed tends to deviate towards vanity, Horyou deviates towards the sharing and advocacy of selfless pursuits.

A social network that aims connect people in a manner that sustains a mutual happiness is here. It’s unlikely that Horyou is going to replace Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social networks, but it certainly can make its way into the set of platforms people have. It can serve as the mediating platform, the yang to the other platforms.

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This is true. Social network has become so depressing nowadays because most people are now living the so-called fake life. They think everybody is living a better life than they are and this make them really sad.

I'll try the new social media. I hope this social media solves this problem. Thanks for the post.

Yep, most social media feeds are a competition for building a better facade.

I am hoping Horyou can successfully improve the experience of using a social network.

@hatu social media is such an amazing platform to connect with people and we never get bored with this

True, they've grown in popularity at an exponential rate.
But there are fundamental flaws that are being improved with Horyou.

yes! you are absolutely right.

all social networks have togetherness to support each other in interaction but different way, according to the type of social media, I really agree with you

Precisely. As I said, Horyou is unlikely to replace existing networks, but it has a high chance of becoming a titan standing next to them.

Obviously, many people enjoying on social network because connect with each other, but some people are using only for a bad activity, so what's your opinion about it @hatu

If you mean people who use it for extracting user data, I'm about to make a post to address that very soon. I'll discuss how Horyou's integration of blockchain can resolve that issue.

interesteing, i´ll see later.

Have a look at the analogy I linked, it's humorous yet very true.

good your post #Social Network is the best for time past if you are free

Presently, because it can only provide a transfer of information, it serves as a mere pass time. However, I'll soon discuss how blockchain integration and the creation of the HouyouToken can change this by making social network interactions become value-based.

Well Social media is a great tool it just depends on the way someone uses it . I have observing one thing that you are a regular guy and your posts are too good and have value in it especially The Right Way to do Fractional Ownership I just loved it .

Well said, moderation is key. But if we can direct the purpose of social media, at least on one platform, away from vanity and towards social good, that'd be a great step.

And thank you; glad that you like my work :)

Dear hatu you are great man you support everyone i haven't seen any one on steemit like you.

I appreciate your support :)
I try my best to highlight new projects in an interesting way.

welcome.that's great.

@hatu this is great, sharing positive thoughts to reduce cause of depression through social media, Horyou is a good start for that but I kinda have a question.

  • What happens when a user or users share negative posts on Horyou ?

Freedom of speech, right?
The rest of the userbase just ignores him or her; it has about 250k+ users already.

Could you tell me what type of social news

Horyou is and will remain to be primarily focused on awareness of social good and allowing people to share the good they do.

Excellent and very well structured your information through the uses of the right tools.

Thank you :)
I wanted to structure it such that the irony derived from the difference between what social media is meant to do and what it actually does is outlined, while still having room to show how Horyou could mitigate the flaws.

@hatu, this is very interesting! Thank you. I would see that new one later.
P.S I think that there is no constant in happiness, nor in real life, nor on social networks.

Yes, life can be tough at times, and that's only more reason to have the time taken by social media focused on witnessing mankind's achievements in positive directions.

This is why I’ve grown to avoid social media linked to people i know I’m real life. I’m much more likely to compare myself negatively to a peer than a face i know nowhere outside of Steemit

FOMO doesn't exist in just crypto investments, right? Just remember that social media often gives a one-sided, postively skewed view of people's life.

I would like to contact you but I can't find anything. Do you have a discord or telegram account?

Hi @giamme, you can PM me on Bitcointalk;u=1700741;sa=summary

Or you can leave your Telegram here and I can pm you.

Very very true those lines,

"A social network that aims connect people in a manner that sustains a mutual happiness is here. It’s unlikely that Horyou is going to replace Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social networks, but it certainly can make its way into the set of platforms people have."

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