Jaxx 1.0.7 adds features and optimizations; also, a few words on the fork

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Transcribed from Reddit post "Jaxx 1.0.7 adds features and optimizations; also, a few words on the fork"

Anthony from Decentral here. I’m pleased to announce the release of Jaxx v1.0.7. The main reason for this release is the latest round of optimizations. The wallet now only displays the last 10 transactions, as opposed to having to load the full transaction history on every launch of the app. (If you want to see more transactions, just keep scrolling down in the Transaction History and they’ll continue to appear.) We’ve also added some user-requested currencies and completed a host of other tweaks and fixes. This release is available now for all versions except iOS, which will (as per usual) take an extra day or two thanks to Apple’s review process.

This release also marks the debut of the Jaxx Bulletin feature in the actual in-app Menu - technically this feature was already coded in, but we haven’t had sufficient reason to actually deploy it. Given the imminent Ethereum hard fork, we felt it was important to have that feature more visible in order to more readily communicate with users.
Urgent Bulletin messages (when there is one in effect) will appear on app startup; less critical messages will be viewable when you select Bulletin from the Jaxx Menu.

Finally, this version also adds a multiple-currency display feature - you can select multiple display currencies from the Settings menu and they will appear in a drop-down on every wallet screen. You can also tap the currency to toggle between the ones you’ve selected. We should be adding BTC and ETH to the comparative currency list in the next update.

A lot of users have asked about Jaxx and the ETH hard fork, and if users will need to do anything with their wallet or make any changes. Once again, to state it unequivocally: *Jaxx will support the successful fork and honour the will of the community, period. I’ve asked our CTO, Chris Forrester, to add a few words about how Jaxx will behave through the fork process:
Some have been curious about how we're going to handle the hardfork in Jaxx.
Our strategy is simple, namely that the service we rely on to broadcast our locally signed transactions (etherscan.io) will determine the fork that is being used.
We expect a minor delay as the work on the winning chain progresses, and our ShapeShift integration may be unavailable for that time.
With our Jaxx Bulletin in 1.0.7, we'll keep you updated in-app as the event progresses.
Thanks to the whole community. All versions of Jaxx can be downloaded from https://jaxx.io.

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